Conscious comedian, spiritual healer, and equity solo performer, Benicia resident Katie Rubin is uplifting audiences during the Covid-19 shelter in place with her one-of-a-kind transformational healing stories and stand up comedy acts. 


After receiving her MFA in Acting from UC Davis, Rubin’s career as a solo performer took off with a bang when her original one woman show “Insides OUT!” received a nine week Equity run at The Sacramento Theater Company. “It was a real gift and it really started everything,” Rubin said of her experience touring the show. “I got regional equity jobs because of that show, learned the area and was able to really build a resume.” 


“Insides Out” went on to tour nationally to some 100 venues over the course of 8 years and  Rubin continued to write and produce several other solo pieces, all of which were commissioned by professional theatre companies across the country. 


But Rubin’s career had more in store. An extensive background in spiritual healing inspired her to turn her ability to make people laugh into a vehicle for transformational healing for her audiences. “The urge I had to play characters went away,” Rubin said of her shift into the conscious comedy space. “Now I have the urge to speak to people about things that are important and to facilitate awakenings on this planet, and standup is such a direct, easy, simple way to do that. If you can make people laugh they will hear you say anything and when they laugh, their hearts are blown open.”


Rubin refers to this collective laughter as a state of unity consciousness. “I’ve always been a person on a path. I used to lay in my bed at ten years old thinking about the fact that the biggest lie we’re told on this planet is that we’re separate. I was always aware that a big part of my role in the world was to talk about unity.” 


But what now, for Rubin and her audiences who are feeling that “separate-ness” more than ever during lockdown and craving that “unity consciousness” more than ever?


“I think this is a very deep thing that’s happening right now,” she said. “The consciousness is being asked to remember itself. We’re being asked to remember what matters, and what people are going through right now is deep and profound.” 


According to Rubin, this forced isolation has given us the opportunity to undergo what she refers to as a transition detox experience. “People are being rebirthed, and everyone in different ways. The universe is saying ‘you didn’t hear the whispers, so we’re gonna scream it.’”


Rubin fans came together on April 17th and May 8th to enjoy her virtual performance of “What. The Hell. Is Happening?!” a motivational and spiritually-aligned stand-up comedy session powered by livestream platform, RushTix. Though they can’t physically be there to share their laughter with Rubin, she says many people participate and contribute their feedback via an online chat.


Rubin’s ability to seamlessly interconnect her backgrounds in performance and spiritual healing to create comedy that brings people together and creates a sense of unity (even virtually) is truly unique. Especially during a time that calls for unity despite separation, laughter amidst uncertainty, and the optimism to get us through these crazy times. 


“When I’m helping people (spiritually), I’m making them laugh and that’s how this Katie Rubin organism is made.” 

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