“I’d like to get back to the gym and lose 10 to 15 pounds,”

I said to myself on January 1, 2020 after a week-long trip to Maui celebrating the New Year Holiday. I laid out my workout clothes that night, matching black Nike Dri-FIT long-sleeve shirt, sweatpants, and running shoes; set an alarm for 4:30AM; and went to bed determined to follow through with my new year resolution.


I made my way to Benicia Health and Fitness Club the next morning for what would be the first of many early morning workouts. I soon became a member of the “5AM club,” according to General Manager Michael Boyle, and was well on my way to meeting my new year resolution, when the Bay Area ordered “shelter-in-place.” While it didn’t initially affect Benicia Health and Fitness Club, I didn’t want to risk my health or the health of others and decided to stop working out, not only at the club but outdoors as well, until after the order was lifted. 


Work (and working out) from home.

Furthermore, I was fortunate that work continued from home, but it was now busier than ever helping local governments in a post COVID-19 world. Unable to run on treadmills or weight lift, my anxiety and depression worsened. With nowhere else to run (pun intended), I turned to Ayesha Curry’s Instagram account (@ayeshacurry) where I learned about the Peloton Bike.


The internet-connected fitness bike and it’s various inspirational and motivational instructor videos (over 5,000 live-streamed classes) have been uplifting during the pandemic. A favorite feature of mine are virtual scenic rides of beautiful landscapes and cities. A perfect escape from our new normal that is shelter-at-home. Capable of monitoring calories burned and distance traveled each ride, I am better equipped than ever to meet my new year resolution. 


I end by saying that while I appreciate the convenience that comes with home workouts, I miss the sense of community and plan to return to Benicia Health and Fitness Club once the order is lifted.