Benicia’s neighborhoods each have their own personality, but there’s one that is truly unique. Most of us don’t think about the Benicia Marina as a neighborhood, but 25 of its boats are home to long-term “liveaboards.”

The total slip capacity at the Benicia Marina is 320, 10% of which are available for residential living. There are laundry facilities, showers, restrooms, parking and daily mail delivery. Boats range in size from 25–77 feet.

Our marina has some distinct advantages that makes the floating home idea even more attractive—location, for example. Within easy walking distance to downtown, shopping, dining and services are steps away. There’s certainly a romance factor for this unique style of home, but what’s it really like living on a boat?

Benicia Marina resident Mary Kelly points out that living onboard is perfect for her and her husband, but not for everyone. “We love Benicia Marina, It’s clean, quiet and well-run. But you have to be more alert to maintenance issues on a boat, and a smaller living space means you must be a minimalist. Everything here has a function and a purpose. You become very inventive. There’s a reduced range of what you can cook in a boat kitchen; we eat out often. We check out books at the library. But the river is very interesting, there’s always something going on.”