Quiz: How Well Do You Know First Street?

First Street is the go-to street of Benicia. It is the shopping street, the dining and drinking street, the history street, the celebration and parade street. But how well do you really know it? Take this quiz and find out. Answers at the bottom.

Scoring rubric: 20 possible total points. Masterful: 17-20 correct; Pretty Darn Good: 14-16; Need to Visit First More Often: 13 or less.

1. You’ve passed by the Spanish-American War-era cannon in front of the Veterans Hall at the top of First Street a hundred times. What color is it?

2. Starting from Military, heading down First toward the water, what is the first lettered street that crosses First?

a. K Street

b. L Street

c. M Street

3. Continuing in the same direction, what is the last lettered street you see before reaching the turnaround and the pier?

a. C Street

b. B Street

c. A Street

4. You’re going down to Lucca to hear some live music but you realize you need to turn around. Is there a sign prohibiting you from making a U-turn at this E Street intersection? Yes or no.

5. Driving from Military to the turnaround at the foot of First, how many stop signs will you encounter?

6. Three business sectors dominate commercial activity on the street: Food and Drink (bars, restaurants, cafes); Retail Shops (art galleries, antiques, fashion, etc.); and Finance (real estate, legal, insurance). How do these three sectors compare to each other in terms of the number of businesses on First? List them from greatest to least. Note, salons, gyms, and other services are not included in these sectors.

7. The State Capitol Building is at West G and First. On the other three corners of this intersection are three popular dining establishments. Name them. (One point for each correct answer.)

8. Here is a jumble of current and past bars and restaurants on First: Rookies, Mare Island Brewery, Randy’s, Aung MayLika, Pastime, First Street Cafe, Choices, The Rellik, Elvia Rita’s, Kinder’s. Match the current bar/restaurants with the ones that occupied these locations in the past. (One point for each correct answer.)

9. Parking is free on First, but there are limits on how long a vehicle can occupy the same space between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. What is the time limit?

a. 1 hour

b. 2 hours

c. 3 hours

d. There are no time limits.

10. There are three places on First that have permanent public restrooms. Name them. One point for each correct answer.

11. Two colorful pianos were in two different locations on First during summer 2023, available for members of the public to play. Where were they? One point for each correct answer.


1. Green. 2. K Street. 3. B Street. 4. Yes. There are four signed intersections that prohibit U-turns. This is one of them. 5. Three. 6. By unofficial tally, Retail Shops (49), Financial (38), Food and Drink (28). 7. States Coffee, Sandoval’s, Dianna’s Bakery & Cafe. 8. Rookies/Choices, Mare Island Brewery/First Street Cafe, The Rellik/Pastime, Elvia Rita’s/Randy’s, Aung MayLika/Kinder’s. 9. Three hours. 10. City Park by the fire station, the area behind the State Capitol, the fishing pier. 11. St. Paul’s courtyard and the State Capitol lawn.

Painted piano on First Street