Benicia Fitness has been a familiar sight on First Street for the last 30 years. Under the ownership of Joy Rund for the last 5 years, the gym is thriving more than ever. Joy first discovered the life changing benefits of fitness and nutrition in her own life, and has since made it her life’s work to bring these benefits to her community. A South Africa transplant, she moved to Benicia when her husband’s job transferred them to the area. Since then, Joy has found her home and built a community at Benicia Fitness.


At a time when specialized boutique gyms are trending, Joy is proud to offer a place where “everything is under one roof.” Beyond the traditional cardio and weight lifting equipment, Benicia Fitness offers a range of classes, including spin, yoga, Zumba, kickboxing, TRX, various cardio and sculpting classes, and more. Joy also offers “gentle” versions of some of Benicia Fitness’ classes, for those who are new to fitness or who prefer a gentler pace; and 30 minute “XPRESS” classes for those who are pressed for time, but still want to get in a good sweat. Perhaps the gym’s most popular new offering is Restorative Yoga. This class is all about release and relaxation, using props to help support the body in restful yoga poses. It seems to be exactly what is needed on a Friday evening after a long week. Says Joy of the class’ popularity, “I’ve got wait lists! It’s crazy!”


Benicia Fitness also offers personal training with their various skilled instructors, as well as nutrition coaching in their Healthy for Life program. Joy’s goal in offering so many different kinds of classes and programs is to create balance for her community of clients – something she has found to be very important to a successful fitness program aimed at overall wellness. So, if balanced fitness is your goal, come find Joy at Benicia Fitness.