Hamann Foundation: The Story of the Little Red Corvette

Sometimes we just know we have to help in whatever way we can. 

Jeannie and Tim Hamann, longtime Benicia residents, worked for years raising money for the American Cancer Association after they lost a close friend to breast cancer in 2007. We all know someone…

In 2014, their friend’s daughter was diagnosed with cancer just like her mother had been. Her car broke down while she was working and simultaneously going through treatments. She needed support…and money to replace her transportation.

A picnic in the park with friends turned into a successful and surprising personal fundraiser, gathering $4K that went directly to the young woman who needed it.  From this example of direct gifting, Jeannie and Tim were inspired to start their own 501(c)3 – expanding their fundraising network.

One weekend in early 2015, Tim and Jeannie participated in a Ronald McDonald House fundraiser and golf tournament in Reno. It was a lovely event, well attended with many raffle prizes and auction items. Later that evening, winding down in the bar at the El Dorado Hotel, they overheard a gentleman being congratulated for winning a 1977 cherry red Corvette.

Without hesitation, Tim spoke up, saying, “hey, maybe you’ll donate it to our charity!”

More conversation ensued, and when the winning individual fully understood the purpose his newly won classic car could serve, he generously made the donation and the car was transported to Benicia to be held for the Hamann Foundation. Raffle tickets were sold for $100 each; $25K was raised and the vehicle was presented to the winner at the first local auction and dinner in 2016.

When there are angels among us, miracles are possible! And so it was, $25K has become more than $600K, disbursed to individuals in our communities, giving a hand up to those in need from the challenges of cancer. Sometimes referred by friends and family and sometimes through the medical community, recipients have expressed how these funds have often made all the difference. Some are now volunteers for the Foundation.

I can’t promise that there’ll be a gorgeous red corvette to raffle off this year, but I can promise a spectacular night of delicious food, wine, fun and auction prizes, both live and online. The Hamann Foundation’s Annual Dinner and Auction is scheduled for Friday, May 6th at the Benicia Clocktower. Tickets are $150 per person. We would love to have you join us!

Linda Hastings

Board Member

Tim & Jeannie Hamann Foundation