When they realized some needs weren’t met by traditional gyms, Joel Griffin opened Griffin Fitness Personal Training Studio in 2002 with his partner, Lisa McVeigh, to help those who want healthier lives. In 2017, it was awarded the Benicia Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Business of the Year.


Lisa studied hard and became certified as a personal trainer. Continuing the mission after Griffin’s death in 2016, she said that she personally enjoys working with weights and leading clients by example.


BM: How long have you been a personal trainer?

LM: I’ve been a personal trainer for almost 17 years.


BM: What do you do personally to stay in shape?

LM:  I strength train with weights four to five days a week. I also enjoy Jazzercise classes and yoga, and walking.


BM: Could you describe your youngest and oldest clients?

LM: My current youngest client is 32, and had never lifted weights before. She was very nervous and felt she was uncoordinated. She now loves weight training and found out how strong and coordinated she really is! My current oldest client is 73 and has been training with me for many years. She recognizes the value of weight training in her life and rarely misses a session.


BM: What is the most common thing prospective clients request, and what is primary in meeting a goal?

April Szabo

Lisa McVeigh, owner and personal trainer at Benicia’s Griffin Fitness

LM: One of the most common questions from clients when they start training is “Will I bulk up?” The answer is no. Most females do not bulk up. Most clients have a goal of preserving or attaining muscle tone and/or losing weight. One of the most important things to do when you have a goal with fitness is to be consistent with your workouts and know that the results will come. Fitness must become part of your lifestyle, permanently.  It must become a habit.


Lisa McVeigh

Griffin Fitness Personal Training Studio

2038 Columbus Parkway, Benicia

707.747.6677, griffinfitness.com