My fascination with high-heeled shoes probably started with my first Barbie doll in 1959. Barbie wore a stiletto sandal with everything from evening and picnic wear, to her black and white zebra print maillot swimsuit. Those tiny little heels always matched the outfit perfectly, and added to the glamour of this iconic 11.5" fashion doll that turns 60 this year.


High heels have also been the source of drama in fairytales (Cinderella and her glass slipper, Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) and her Manolo Blahniks, and Dorothy's ruby red heels). Because of large bunions on both my feet, I was cursed with a family trait that prohibited a fairytale footwear outcome. Through the decades I have been relegated to flats and occasionally a wedge sole. Shoe shopping was always about fit and function, and less about fun, fashion and fantasy.


In June of this year, my left foot went under the knife to correct the problem that plagued my mother, her mother, my sister and our niece. It took years of procrastination, research and getting my courage up to finally agree to have the surgery performed. There was always the hope that maybe with a new foot, I would graduate from wearing Sketchers to a red-soled Louboutin.


Besides removing the bunion and inserting screws and a plate to straighten the big toe, the second toe (hammer toe) had to be straightened by cutting ligaments and tendons and inserting a temporary pin through the top to keep it in place. Recovery was as the Doctor had predicted. Ten days completely off the foot and then for the next 6 weeks, an orthopedic boot (in basic black) and a scooter (also in basic black) allowed me to function for some of my daily routines.


Scott was my prince charming, waiting on me hand and "foot" during the recovery. His patience was remarkable, most of the time. He made sure I took my meds, didn't fall and was comforting, usually with a smile.


With the help of my great friend Patti Baron, I was able to attend the International Market in Las Vegas to buy for the store. Using my trusted scooter and boot we were able to do five shows in three days at four hotels. On two occasions, we each rented motorized scooters to get around the exhibit halls. This provided entertainment in itself, as we raced through the mammoth halls of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, giggling all the way. We have decided to make this a practice for the future since it saved time and energy, and fit perfectly into the Vegas scene.

It has been five months to the day that I had the surgery. My foot looks so different from the old one it's hard to recognize it. I am wearing shoes again, although they remain designed by Sketchers.


Barbie, Cinderella, Carrie and Dorothy are all about a shoe. The ever after of this fairy tale is that high stilettos were never my style. I love clothes that don't require a five-inch heel to be fabulous. Trend News Flash! Manolo Blahnik has an embellished flat in his 2019 collection and Stella McCartney has designed a platform sneaker. Never underestimate a fairy tale.