Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Mirror, mirror on the wall. Pretty is as pretty does. Beauty is only skin deep.

Beauty can be allusive, fleeting and subjective. Media of all types interpret what and who is beautiful and where to go to achieve it. With all of the ads and infomercials selling beauty it’s easy to get lost in trying to look like Cindy Crawford or Angelina Jolie. What is the true meaning of being beautiful? Is it really what’s inside that counts or are we destined to continue our quest for the perfect face and body?

Finding beauty in Benicia is as easy as walking Downtown or discovering the many salons throughout the City. It seems as if there are businesses on almost every block on First Street related to improving one’s look from head to toe. There are over 45 salons and day spas in Benicia that run the gamut from hair stylists to skin care physicians. Many of these offer services that cater to the wedding industry. In tranquil settings, you can be peeled, wrapped, acupunctured, botoxed, air-brushed, pierced, massaged, tattooed, highlighted and tanned. Benicia’s salons are strong contenders for the most current techniques and styles and are run by professionals who take pride in offering their services.

For a town of under 30,000, one might wonder how so many shops distinguish themselves. It seems most have found a niche, and the personalities of the owners are reflected in the creativity of their spaces. One salon has a car theme with the classics lining the walls, another has a betty-boop styled forties motif.

Bliss Salon and spa is housed in a converted 1870’s Victorian home a few blocks from the State Capitol. Owner Cheryl Neilson, who has fourteen years of experience in wedding hairstyling, offers a full range of services including nails, skin, hair and massage therapy and also conducts Tai Chi/Qigong classes in the lovely setting of a backyard garden. Bliss also offers a refill service on their products that is both eco- and wallet friendly.

Aside from massage therapy and body wraps, Wellness Wisdom, a day spa and First Street fixture, has a unique approach to wellness. Owner Laura Kohl offers weight loss coaching using a blend of services that include nutritional analysis, massage therapy and hypnosis. Ear candling, hot stone therapy, massage therapy, hypnotherapy, ionic foot detox and acupuncture are also offered.

Find your own beauty in Benicia. A city that was named after a woman and whose waterfront coastline has been inspiring artists since the 1800’s with its own natural beauty.

Benicia’s salons and day spas are have been inspired by and contributed to the creativity of the place. Find your own beauty by indulging in their offerings.

Bliss Salon and Spa

117 East F Street

Benicia, CA 94510


Wellness Wisdon

827 1st Street

Benicia, CA 94510