Spring is a time of renewal, rebirth and moving forward. This is a perfect time to revitalize your home environment by decluttering the stagnant energy.

Feng Shui, which has been practiced for over 3,000 years in China, is the enhancement of health, prosperity, and happiness. It is a dance between empowerment and environment. Essential Feng Shui® observes that your vitality, resources, and loving connections flourish and grow best in harmonious, uncluttered environments that intentionally meet your unique needs and express your personal preferences.

What works is balance. You can begin to transform your home from chaos to paradise with the “few minutes a day technique.” Organizing possessions and eliminating clutter can be viewed as an adventurous mission that opens portals to your personal paradise. By getting rid of the things you no longer want or need, you revitalize your home and make room for what you really DO want to flow into your life; you enhance your happiness, clarity and peace of mind. In Feng Shui everything counts, so your storage areas are as important as the most lived-in areas.

As you’re organizing and decluttering, ask yourself these questions:

Do I love it? Do I need it? Does it represent or support who I am now? What pleasant or unpleasant memories does it hold? Does it need repair, and am I willing to restore it right now? If I’m letting go, will I sell, lend, or give it away, and when? (The sooner the better).

Give yourself the gift of shelves and containers for your storage areas. Your environment displays your consciousness, and there’s no more revealing place to look than behind closet doors. You’ll know that you’ve succeeded in reinstating balance when you respond positively to every part of your home, and can easily put your hand on everything you need at any time.

A recent client of mine, who had lost her husband four years ago, felt that she was stagnating in her old environment. Once she made the conscious intention of moving forward, she began clearing and giving items away to prepare for the sale of the property. As soon as the space was cleared she began receiving sale offers, as well as numerous possibilities for her new home. She said that “people are coming out of the woodwork.” She cleared her energy path and now great opportunities are coming her way.

Incorporating two very important aspects of Feng Shui, the Bagua Map and the Five Elements Map, are essential to receiving the most positive results. With these “tools,” your personal paradise is only a few steps away. www.fengshuibymaria.com.