COVID-19 has impacted almost every facet of our lives. Not only is our health threatened, but in some ways, our way of life is too. The many wonderful things that make Benicia such a great place to live; our restaurants, shops, galleries, pubs and bars, and amazing entertainment that happens in this city, have been put at risk. 

We know that Benicia Magazine is a touchstone for many in our community, and has been for over 15 years. It is read and enjoyed by almost 24,000 people. Every month. 

To ease cost for our advertisers, and the corresponding decrease of revenue for Benicia Magazine, we will publish a digital only version of the May and, possibly, June issues. We will be back to print for the July issue. By doing this we will be able to give advertisers a significant break on advertising cost, and hopefully help Benicia Magazine continue for another 15 years.

The May issue will be available on the Benicia Magazine website on May 1st. The April issue will also be posted on the website in digital format. To access it, go to our website and click the DIGITAL ISSUE link. There, you’ll have the option to view the issue full screen as it would appear in print. You can also download the issue for convenient viewing on your preferred digital device.. 

Many of the events that are normally held in April have been canceled, and unfortunately they were canceled too late to pull them from the magazine before print. In light of these cancelations, please continue to support small business and charities as you are able.

If you have tickets for a performance or event, consider donating the money instead of asking for a refund. If you are vulnerable and want to stay at home, consider buying a gift certificate from your favorite shop, or shop online. 

Certainly, the last few weeks seemed tailor made to create anxiety. But, in a strange way it made me realize, truly, we’re all in the same boat. That’s a comfort, if also a cliché.

So, over these next few weeks know this: we WILL get through this. The impacts of the COVID-19 virus WILL lessen as social distancing protocols take effect. Theatres WILL open again. Artists WILL perform again. Museums WILL welcome visitors again. Restaurants WILL be full again and travel WILL resume again. People WILL shake hands and kiss cheeks again. I truly believe it. I know it, and you should know it too, even if you have to remind yourself.

So — remind yourself and keep on keeping on.


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