Aung MayLiKa 

Please note: Aung MayLiKa may have moved by publication time! New address is 333 First Street in the Washington House building downtown.  

Aung MayLiKa - Benicia Magazine December 2020Now this is the place to go for Burmese specialities! Burma, also called The Golden Land, now Myanmar, is a Southeast Asian country with more than 100 ethnic groups. It borders China, Thailand, India, Bangladesh and Laos. Think about all of those traditional flavors! Aung MayLiKa is owned and operated by family members born and raised in Burma and with recipes developed over generations.

Don’t miss the Tea Leaf Salad – what is that, you say? An unusual blend of Burmese fermented tea leaves with peanuts, sesame and sunflower seeds, garlic chips, fried yellow beans, tomatoes, jalapeños and romaine lettuce. Spectacular – I dare you! The Coconut Chicken Soup is reminiscent of ramen but with a Burmese twist. Rich coconut milk, noodles, chicken, with hard boiled egg, cilantro, onions and wonton chips; this soup is a meal in itself! The Garlic Noodles are addictive. There are amazingly good Chicken Wings, even for those who are not typically “wing fans.” Don’t miss the Honey Walnut Shrimp, Biryani, Samosas and Lettuce Wraps, and especially the Palatha (fried bread) with curries for dipping. 

The varied menu offers a lot of options during this crazy holiday season. The friendly staff is always accommodating with special dietary needs. This place brings happiness! Enjoy. 

Aung MayLiKa

836 Southampton Blvd, Suite E, Southampton Center, 707.361.5675 

Open every day. Takeout, always. Delivery, Benicia only.


The Ladies Diary

This month’s 2 Minute Movie Review is of The Ladies Diary

Ladies Diary - Aung MayLiKa - Benicia Magazine December 2020Quick!  Tell us what you know about Burma!  Okay, Burma: 1. Yummy, spicy food, per Gourmet Gracie. 2. New name: Myanmar. Oh, and 3. Cats – beautiful sable-coated cats. The ones breeders in the US charge big bucks for. They linger on street corners and relax in monasteries in Myanmar.

We have authentic Burmese cuisine in Benicia, so let’s take a complementary tour of Myanmar.  Happily, The Ladies Diary provides just that.

In this 2020 documentary, we learn right away that Myanmar is a young democracy, its people having removed a brutal military dictatorship.  Now, the women of Myanmar are growing into their new freedoms.

This emerging world of Myanmar is revealed in the course of one day in the life of six different women: the teacher, the boxer, the journalist, the Buddhist nun, the tour guide, and the rock star.  As you can imagine, each has a life quite different from women we might know in the United States with the same job titles. It is fascinating to peer into their daily routines presented over a backdrop with rich detail of cities, workplaces, villages, homes, families, and countryside. Their irresistible personal stories pull the viewer in and hold her by force of imagination.  

Look how they are bridging the old ways, the historical mindsets, and turning toward their own new world! Indeed, look how they are creating it.

Directed by Sara Trevisan, 63min

8 out of 10 Whiskers at