Sprankle’s Village Deli

82 Solano Square East

Benicia, CA  94510




Walk in, call ahead, or order online!

This family owned/operated business is a staple in downtown Benicia. Located next to the Starbucks in Solano Square, Sprankle’s has a caring and committed staff with attention to every detail. Gracie is so impressed with their online ordering, which allows you to add every condiment or special addition to your sandwiches and salads that you can imagine—click to your heart’s desire!

Do you prefer a flour tortilla wrap with blue cheese crumbles, sprouts, spicy mayo, double mortadella and extra pickles? Coming right up! Or a specialty Reuben with tater tots on the side? No problem. You can even build your own salad with 9 different varieties of dressing to choose from, tossed or untossed. The paninis are a personal favorite and you can use that stifled creativity to build your very own. The Heffenini comes with ham, bacon, mozzarella cheese with mayo, Italian dressing on your choice of bread. A selection of mouthwatering burgers is offered Thursday through Saturday. All meats and cheese are sold by the pound for your convenience.

Sprankle’s also offers specialty catering. Quoting their website: “Anything you would like, we will make it happen!” Spaghetti feast for 20? Prime rib dinner for 12? They can provide space for a private party of up to 40 people. Sprankle’s has got the magic and expertise to fulfill your every catering desire.

Wait….also…the Hot Pastrami Club!!!! Holy Moly. These sandwiches make even Grumpy Old Men excited!

Sprankle's Village Deli

Grumpy Old Men

Well, now, it doesn’t get much more pleasing than this. Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau and Ann-Margret star in this sweet and funny romantic comedy. This 104 minute movie was a surprise hit when released and kept growing in popularity during the next several years. Ann-Margret is beautiful and charming with a big heart. Jack and Walter are alternately hilarious, endearing, corny, annoying and grumpy—sometimes all at once. They’re so comfortable with each other—battered friends balancing the secret stories of the past. After all, they went to high school together. Now they’re crusty old coots, but still charismatic.  And, we’re entertained while one of those secrets works its way to the surface.

John (Lemmon) and Max (Matthau) are retirees in Wabasha, Minnesota, and long time next door neighbors who spend their time ice fishing and tormenting each other with practical jokes. Their constant feuding is really a cover for how fond they are of each other in spite of life’s entanglements. Ariel (Ann-Margret), a free spirited and spunky English professor who loves to race around in a snowmobile, moves in across the street and becomes the focus of their competition. 

In our current season of life challenges, these grumpy old faces bring sunny smiles to all those who join in the fun. Lemmon and Matthau fit together harmoniously with comedic chemistry that’s hard to come by. The supporting staff is spectacular with Burgess Meredith, Kevin Pollak and Daryl Hannah

  1. Directed by Donald Petrie. Rated PG13 for mild sexual innuendo.

8 out of 10 whiskers!!! 

Grumpy Old Men movie art