Powder Keg Pub

2132 Railroad Avenue 
Hercules, CA 
7.5 miles from Benicia

Open since 2008, this is an adorable, small but feisty establishment, with a great vibe, full bar, fresh and fried oysters, fresh mussels and lovely outdoor seating. 

The inside space is charming with great windows, friendly servers and a fun atmosphere.  

Gracie indulged in brunch, but lunch and dinner are also available (check for times). The garlic fries and deep fried mushrooms are awesome and there’s a large selection of Breakfast Benedicts.  The Norwegian is to die for — crispy potato hash cake, cream cheese, smoked salmon, honey Dijon dressed greens, poached egg — delicious!!! And, the Chicken and Waffles are just like they’re supposed to be, y’all. Prime Rib Tuesdays are an amazing bargain. During Gracie’s visit, half the dining room was eating the wildly popular Crab Melt — red rock crab salad and Swiss cheese melted between butter grilled sourdough. An equally tasty Crab Roll is also available. 

The owners chose the name “Powder Keg” to pay tribute to the history of the Hercules community, which was previously the factory site of Hercules Powder Works. This was one of the largest explosives and chemical factories in the world and a producer of the TNT used by our country during the Great War.  Powder Keg Pub is located in a mostly residential neighborhood near the central waterfront.   

Beer, wine, craft cocktails, comfort food classics, cozy hangout, pets welcome, local delivery. Street parking. Relax, life is good. Enjoy. 

Mr. Holland’s Opus 

Drama, 1995 
143 minutes, PG
Streaming on Disney+ and Prime Video

A throwback to gentler times and based on a true story. A reluctant young man accidentally becomes a passionate high school teacher who learns to use his gifts as a musician and composer to inspire others. He discovers that teaching takes more than talent and good intentions as it becomes apparent that careful effort and creativity will be his best hope to reach students who have no knowledge of his musical world. Meanwhile, at home, he and his wife welcome their newborn child and soon discover that their son has hearing loss.  Mr. Holland becomes a popular and influential teacher, but it takes him longer to accept and motivate his deaf son.

This critically acclaimed, feel good story is brought to life by a terrific cast that includes Richard Dreyfuss, Olympia Dukakis, Glenne Healy, Jay Thomas and William H. Macy. Director Stephen Robert Herek is also known for Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, The Three Musketeers and 101 Dalmatians. Mr. Holland’s Opus was Golden Globe nominated for best screenplay and Mr. Dreyfuss was Golden Globe and Oscar nominated for Best Actor. 

The movie plucks at our heartstrings without shame, and reminds us that there is inspiration and honesty in artistic talent and hard work that can change lives. We see firsthand both the individual and community impact when children are exposed to music and encouraged through educational music programs. A nostalgic aura surrounds the film and encourages viewers to remember and pay tribute to that special teacher long ago who made a difference.

Take a time out to relax into this touching and positive film while we plunge into another school year.  Happy Fall!

Movie Magic gives Mr. Holland’s Opus 4 out of 5 Moons.