Mariscos Restaurante El Sinaloense

541 Benicia Road
Vallejo, CA 94590


What a find!

This mariscos (seafood) restaurant is named for the state of Sinaloa in Mexico.  Family owned and operated, they have a wildly extensive menu—ask your server for translations if you need them and recommendations to fit your taste.  Gracie was told that any combination is possible here—they have many specialities and local favorites.

Micheladas?  Yes, please. 

What is a Michelada, you ask?  This Mexican drink is made with beer, lime juice, sauces, spices, tomato juice, chili peppers—so many variations—Mariscos has the best and most fun.  Fabuloso!  Let’s get started with guacamole and ceviche appetizers and go from there. 

Chicken and shrimp enchiladas, Seven Mares Soup with fish, squid, octopus, mussels, oysters, carrots, broccoli in a mildly spicy broth, Surf and Turf Super Burrito—what’s your pleasure?  Oyster shooters?  Of course. You can find it here—authentic, flavorful Mexican food with a serious emphasis on fresh seafood.  The street tacos made Gracie want to dance…and there is always great Mexican music to put you in the mood.

Enchiladas and fajitas are made to order.

There is a surprising selection of fresh seafood and deliciousness, highlighted by wild prawns, fresh oysters and mussels.  A simple kid’s menu includes churros and Mexican Flan.

Modest and clean, well-priced with a great selection of specialty Mexican dishes along with the standard fare—remember, this is a SEAFOOD restaurant, order accordingly, relax and enjoy.

Lunch and dinner. Closed Tuesdays. Delivery, takeout and outside seating. Convenient parking lot. Super family friendly staff.  Delicioso!!!


The definition of encanto: a place that’s charmed or spiritually blessed where magic and reality merge.

This is the movie—charming and blessing us with the message that we don’t need superpowers to be worthy heroes and good people.

This is the heart warming story of the Madrigal family who live in a Colombian village named Encanto. Each family member possesses a marvelous, magical gift—except one, Maribel.  This is her story, to find her identity through adventure and humor and joy—she is the primary reason why Encanto is such a spell-binding watch.

Enchanting, vibrant and beautifully animated, it works for the entire family.

There’s a bit of history, a bit of culture, diverse characters and lots of music to make us happy. The Encanto soundtrack is playing everywhere—those would be the original songs of the amazing Lin Manuel-Miranda doing his usual extraordinary and heartfelt work.  A beautifully composed story that is most interested in the love and struggles of family without side characters or romantic leads.  And, oh, so colorful, it will take your breath away.

Critics on Rotten Tomatoes rate this 91% on the tomato meter with an audience score of 93%—this is very good!

Strong character development, plot twists and unconventional surprises—some are saying this is the best from Disney in recent memory.  Whimsical with exuberant sweetness—aaah!

2021, 2 hours. Animated Musical. Rated PG.

Directed by Byron Howard, Jared Bush, Charisse Castro-Smith

Streaming on Disney+, Apple TV and Amazon Prime.

Movie Magic gives this magical film 4.5 Moons out of 5.

"Encanto" movie art