Bottom of the Fifth

“Beginning with City Drug Store in the ‘30s, then as owners of The Towne Club in the ‘60s and ‘70s, you could say the family has been medicating Benicia for over 80 years!”

For those in the know, we really know that BOTF is the tastiest, friendliest, most excellent place to be if you’re looking for just the right brand of neighborhood sports bar. Open early and open late, the food is just fresh and delicious, the service is easy and comfortable and you know you just found home.

This is Benicia’s oldest bar. Bruce Adams moved to East Fifth in 1990 from First Street and opened Bottom of the Fifth in the old Ships Inn/Landmark Inn Building. In 2013 he saw the need for quality late night food, and the rest is history — he’s been pumping out fresh and excellent food ever since. Nothing frozen, all prepared on-site.

When Gracie moved to Benicia in 2014, she was hesitant…you know, a sports bar, a single woman…will I be okay in there by myself?? The answer is absolutely, YES! I needed to follow my favorite NFL team, landed at Bottom of the Fifth on a Sunday at 9:30 am, just before my game started, and was warmly welcomed by the bartender when I stepped in — she took care of me for the next three hours. The lunches are fantastic…excellent burgers, fries, sandwiches, but don’t miss Taco Tuesdays — $1 each and just like they’re supposed to be, crunchy, beefy, spicy! The once a week special steak dinner is more and better than you bargained for. The drinks are generous and nicely priced. And, you can’t beat the corned beef hash on a Sunday morning.

Laughter, conversation, community, comfort food and tasty treats, it’s all right here.

498-A Military East Street
Benicia, CA 94510
707 745-9949

Cheers – TV Series

You know the series, right? Where “everybody knows your name”! As we march through these unsettling times, recovering from the pandemic, watching too much world news…this show is perfect to stream and has just the right amount of humor and camaraderie.  Sam Malone (Ted Dawson) is the amorous bartender, a former relief pitcher for the Boston Red Sox — he was widely known as “Mayday Malone” back in the day. Second bartenders, Coach Ernie (Nicholas Colasanto) and Woody Boyd (Woody Harrelson) are regulars. Kelsey Grammar stars as Frazier Crane, and his wife, Lilith Sternin, is played by the amazing Bebe Neuwirth. These characters show the best of life, the joys and the heartbreak, the inconsistencies and synchronicities over more than a decade. Many of us remember “Norm!!” (George Wendt), who was a bar regular and shared his angst and many foibles. And then there’s Cliff  (John Ratzenberger), the know-it-all postal worker who gained fame on Jeopardy! Diane Chambers, played by Shelley Long, is the somewhat uptight and annoying girlfriend. Kirstie Alley has a turn as Sam’s love interest as well. Rhea Perlman as Carla Tortelli shines as well. We think you’ll love the comfort and old-fashioned glee that this sitcom still offers us today. This will make you laugh…hooray.

275  half-hour episodes
Filmed on location at the Bull and Finch Pub on Beacon Hill, Boston
Most popular series in history before ending in 1993
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