The Rellik Tavern

Well, kitchen fatigue for one. I’m ready to devour something that’s not out of the back of my refrigerator.  Let’s plan our in-home entertainment and order delectable home delivered snacks, appetizers or a full-on entree from The Rellik Tavern.   Oh, and don’t forget to order awesome Chocolate Espresso Martinis and Ultimate Moscow Mules to go with it!

Perfect for October!

From a fantastic wide-ranging menu, here are some of our favorites:

~ Onion battered green beans, deep fried and served with lemon dill aioli

~ Raven’s wings served with your choice of 5 spicy or sweet dipping sauces

Not your average chicken wings—tangy, meaty, satisfying.

~ FRIES – hot, crispy shoe strings (we think the best in Benicia), or sidewinder

steak fries

~ Pizza – Choose from gourmet selections like The Rellik pizza with white sauce,

chicken, spinach and tomatoes. Or, make your own from a selection of

toppings.  Really tasty, thin crust.  Available in 7” or 12” sizes.

The Rellik has comfy couches, rockin’ live music, friendly bartenders and killer cocktails, all in an upscale, artsy setting.  We’re happy we can play together again, and enjoy that delicious food and cool cocktails!

Check out the Rellik’s full menu at:  www.the

The Rellik Tavern

726 1st Street, Benicia, CA 94510

The Princess Bride

Not sure about you, but when we think of family movies, we stretch and yawn.  Ho hum! Family viewing is code for a sappy, animated feature with lots of singing and twirling.  No!  We have had times stressful enough without that kind of sentimentality.

Still, it’s true – we need something that kids can watch without adults cringing, and something the adults can actually get caught up in, laugh along with, and be glad they tuned in.

That movie is The Princess Bride.  Already seen it?  Watch it again.  You’ve never seen it?!  Inconceivable!

Let’s survey a few of the selling points of this timeless fable.

A stellar cast: 

~Peter Falk, patient and wise, with just a touch of curmudgeonliness, as the grandfather who reads the story to his grandson. 

~Fred Savage, as the grandson, at his most adorable age 11. 

~Robin Wright in the title role.  It’s her film debut at 21, before she was a glint in Sean Penn’s eye. 

~Mandy Patinkin, as Inigo Montoya, out to avenge his father’s death. 

~Andre the Giant, oh yes, as Montoya’s companion.

Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles…More than enough action for kids of all ages. It’s fun; it’s funny; it’s heartwarming; it’s a good story, for Pete’s sake!

Oh, sure, you can find more sophisticated fare in the movie world.  Complex characters and plot twists galore.  There are deeper films, more profound.  Films just as good, and by other measures, even better.  But on the scale of satisfying, lasting fun, nothing can beat The Princess Bride.

Rated PG 1 hr 36 min.  9 out of 10 Whiskers on

The Princess Bride movie art