Baxters Restaurant & Bar

280 1st Street
Benicia, CA 94510

Kenneth and Kevin, 20-year Benicia residents, opened Baxters in the summer of 2023.

Their passion is to offer a unique dining experience with a sense of community and friendship—and so far, they have done just that. Upon entering Baxters, you’ll receive a warm welcome and a sincere effort to ensure that your experience goes perfectly. Special occasions are treasured and celebrated.

The menu includes Seared Sea Scallops, Fettuccine Bolognese and Roasted Lamb Loin. The Wild Alaskan Salmon is prepared perfectly, the Chicken Cordon Bleu attracts customers from the next county over. So many menu items are very special here. Executive Chef Eric Parada consistently produces deliciousness through his attention to detail and dedication to food.

The wine list at Baxters is constantly evolving.

Pro-tip: Gracie recently discovered they will soon be featuring Elizabeth Spencer wines. These prestigious wines are elegant and refined for a broad range of tastes. Specialty cocktails are a must with an impressive selection of bourbon. 

The Office Speakeasy, which is an adjoining room to Baxters’ main dining area, can host private parties of up to 16 people. The speakeasy features an authentic 1902 player piano and a prohibition bar.  This cozy space is behind a velvet curtain and offers privacy and individualized service.

Word on the street is that soon Baxters will be offering monthly Bourbon and Bacon tastings! Gracie didn’t know this was a thing but we’re here for it!  And, maybe by the time you read this, there will be BRUNCH!   

NEAT: The Story of Bourbon 

Documentary 2018
75 minutes
Not rated
Amazon Prime


NEAT: A liquor served at room temperature without any water, ice or other mixer. 

“Everything about bourbon comes from the soil.  This is a story of grains, water and wood. A story of immigrants and farmers, businessmen and criminals. A story of cold winters and hot summers. It’s the story of time. This is the story of bourbon.”

These are the opening words of the movie—a fascinating and informative, colorful and charismatic, uniquely American history of bourbon. This movie features master distillers, industry insiders, bartenders, historians and celebrities discussing the special stories of America’s native spirit.

Did you know that bourbon can only be made in America?

Excavators are still digging up old distilleries in Kentucky that closed during prohibition. Lots of patience and multiple years of aging are necessary to produce a batch of bourbon.  We learned, as well, that all bourbon is whiskey but not all whiskey is bourbon.  Bourbon is naturally made from the gifts of the earth. Charred white oak barrels provide flavor and color.

The documentary follows the chronological timeline, from the distillation of whiskey by early pioneers to the current thriving bourbon environment. Two people anchor the film: Castle and Key Master Distiller Marianne Barnes (the first and youngest female in this position) and third generation Buffalo Trace employee Freddie Johnson. Their stories and passion will tug at your heart.

Grab a glass of your favorite bourbon, turn down the lights and take a fantastic trip through the fascinating and compelling world of Kentucky bourbon.   

Movie Magic gives NEAT 5 out of 5 Moons for bourbon lovers.  Cheers!

"Neat: the Story of Bourbon" documentary art with bourbon being poured into a snifter