Ever wonder where our children, the promise of our future, end up after they graduate high school? You might be happily surprised to learn that our local grads are representing us well in colleges across the country. In the Benicia High School graduating class of 371 students, an astonishing $1,022,326 in scholarship money was awarded to college-bound students. Top awards include $400,000 to Taylor Lovelace from the U.S. Naval Academy, $184,520 to Kenya Wright from Brown University and $101,440 to Patrick Hollister from the University of Pennsylvania. Simon Sorensen, Parvati Dhurvas and Emmalyn Tringale have each earned scholarships ranging from $30,000 to $42,000. While most of the big money comes from the colleges, there are many local scholarships awarded from businesses and nonprofit organizations. BHS grads are off to a mix of public and private colleges and universities including local community colleges, UC’s and CSU’s, out-of-state public colleges and universities, and Ivy League schools.

St. Patrick-St. Vincent (SPSV) has a graduating class of 144 students, many of whom received scholarships. Students are off to all nine campuses of the University of California and almost all of the California State Universities. Some are attending out-of-state public and private colleges and universities including Boston University, Mills College and Occidental College. Specific award amounts were not yet available at print time. For a complete list of colleges and scholarship awards for BHS and SPSV graduates, visit the website at www.beniciamagazine.com.