Cool Facts About Bermuda


  • John Lennon had a home there
  • Winters can be chilly
  • Bermudians are over-the-top friendly
  • It has a robust history of pirating
  • It has one of the world's highest GDP per capita
  • Bermuda is a cluster of 138 islands located in the North Atlantic ocean
  • The rum-based Swizzle, Bermuda’s national drink, goes down way too easily
  • Although there are no car rentals, public transportation is easy with buses, taxies and ferries
  • Rainwater captured from the roofs of its buildings is Bermuda’s only source of fresh water
  • The economy is based on tourism and offshore insurance companies.
  • Conservative attire attitudes, bikinis are banned more than 25 feet from the water
  • There is no corporate income tax, making it a popular tax haven for the ultra wealthy
  • Bermuda has its own currency but US currency is accepted everywhere on the island 


    A Bermuda village with Cruise Ship in its Port

    A Bermuda village with Cruise Ship in its Port


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