1. Fleas and Ticks.

Unfortunately, Benicia has a year-round flea season.  Monitoring and treating for fleas is recommended year round for cats that go outdoors.  To monitor for fleas,use a flea comb and comb your cat(s) several times through the week to see if they have fleas.  This also helps to know if your flea medications are working.

We are seeing more ticks this year. Tick prevention is also recommended year-round and there are several products that prevent both fleas and ticks – consult with your veterinarian for recommendations.

Indoor cats can also get fleas and ticks. If your cats do develop fleas keep in mind that most of the medications we put on our pets or give by mouth only eliminate the adults. Most of the flea population is the eggs and larvae in the cats’ environment, including your house. Vacuuming and washing all the household items your cats come into contact will help to rid the environment of the eggs and larva.  Premise sprays and foggers also may need to be used. Use these products with caution.

  1. Heat.

On the very hot days, make sure your cat has access to shade and water and in extreme heat situations. Keep your cats indoors with the air conditioning or a fan on.

  1. Foxtails.

These pesky little barbed weeds attach to your pets’ fur and get stuck in eyes, ears, between the toes and under the skin.  They can cause life threatening infections.  Combing through your cats’ fur and removing foxtails as soon as they are done with their daily adventures will help to avoid complications.  If ever a foxtail seems lodged in a way you can’t remove, seek veterinary attention immediately.