Carl Heyward is February’s featured artist at one of Arts Benicia’s “Arts Benicia Presents” program locations, the Rellik Tavern, in downtown Benicia. The Rellik’s long, brick wall provides ample space for a large selection of artists’ work, with rotating exhibitions every six weeks, offering the viewer an opportunity to reflect at leisure on the artist’s style, perhaps over a glass of wine. Heyward’s exhibition is curated by Diane Williams and is facilitated under the auspices of Mary Shaw, Arts Benicia Exhibitions and Programs Manager.

Carl Heyward

With Apologies To Manet

Heyward says he feels privileged to be afforded this format to showcase his art. In an artist statement for the event, Heyward says, "Paying strict attention need not be a stress, but a meditative process; an observation of the elements of existence viewed openly and with equanimity neither exalting nor diminishing the value of one thing over another; accepting the events and elements of life as they are or present themselves; the value of the story is intrinsic upon the interplay between these combinations and juxtapositions which resonate in ways, hopefully poignant and new.”

Carl Heyward

Two Enso Evening

A local artist, writer, curator and teacher, Heyward has exhibited his mixed-media paintings and artists’ books internationally, including the San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco Academy of Art University, Yale University Art Library, The Australian National Gallery and Sonoma County Museum of Modern Art. He has taught History of Art Criticism, Film and Video Production and Thesis Writing & Presentation at the Academy of Art University MFA Program, among many others. Heyward also founded the Global Art Project, an international, mixed-media collaborative collective with more than 25 member artists in 12 countries.  Heyward also conducts workshops in mixed-media painting at Arts Benicia.