Amid the scramble of businesses trying to secure small business loans, payroll protection funding, and grants of all kinds, Bruehol Brewery has been awarded a major windfall: a grant from the COVID-19 Layoff Aversion Fund, the largest grant that the Workforce Development Board of Solano County currently offers.


The grant is meant to help alleviate the economic stresses that small business owners might be facing due to the pandemic and aims to prevent potential layoffs or facility closures. According to the Workforce Development Board, the funds must be used for “permissible activities” aimed at creating “solutions that mitigate layoffs.” And what was Bruehol’s winning permissible activity? Buying a Crowler machine, of course!


What’s a Crowler, you ask? It’s very similar to its cousin, the Growler, however instead of being a refillable beer canister, it’s meant only for single use. This means that Bruehol will be able to comply with county requirements of one-way product and service while restrictions are in place. The Crowler machine will allow Bruehol to can 16oz and 32oz beers for takeaway orders until they are able to open their doors to patrons once more. This machine will make it possible for Bruehol to keep its staff working, avoiding layoffs, and keep the taps flowing for Bruehol beer lovers.


At the time this article is being written, Bruehol has not yet acquired this game-changing machine, but the owners and employees alike eagerly await its arrival. In the meantime, you can connect with your beer-loving community and support Bruehol by participating in their virtual buddy board, where you can purchase beers for yourself or for friends that can be collected upon their reopening. You can also purchase or continue your Mug Club and/or Growler Club membership. We look forward to yet another way to enjoy Bruehol’s brews, even after all this is over!


Bruehol owners Natalie and Mark thank you for your support! . #bruehol #beniciabrewing #craftbeer #beer