Brighten Your Garden With Flowers In Fun, Creative Containers

When it comes to gardening, some of us are born with a greener thumb than others. If you are seeking inspiration to spruce up your yard or patio, look no further than our cover photo, which features a lovely assortment of early spring flowers in a large, antique galvanized tub, hanging from an old iron hook. Assembled by a creative duo in downtown Benicia to act as a focal point in their front yard, this artistic family can pull from a treasure trove of antique goodies, collected and stored over the generations, for inspired repurposing.

Jerry Bowles

With a little imagination, however, and a sense of adventure, those of us (raising my hand) who aren’t blessed with this particular talent can still pull it off. The trick is finding a vessel that suits your style and color scheme. In mid-February, Spring flowers are just hitting the shelves at area nurseries: Mid City Nursery in American Canyon, Orchard Nursery in Lafayette or Sloat Garden Center in Pleasant Hill.

Jerry Bowles

If you need additional inspiration, Pinterest is a favorite go-to, though many of the photos on Pinterest feature succulents. But the thrill of the hunt applies here—we’ve all seen spectacular examples of flowers in wagons, bicycle baskets, claw-foot tubs and wheelbarrows—but challenge yourself to dig a little deeper. Look for unique vessels in which to display a riot of color, subdued hues or something in between by searching antiques stores, flea markets, vintage and thrift stores and garage sales. There’s no limit to the types of containers that will beautifully set off a floral display. The goal is to create something fun, quirky, elegant or whimsical—perhaps something you have in your home or garage—that will reward you with a stylish outdoor creation that induces a smile.

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