Brian Giambastiani is a resident of Benicia and Bay Area native, he is a multi-faceted artist whose work spans several mediums, including glass, metal, bone, and illuminated sculpture. Brian trained under world-renowned glass artists at the Eugene Glass School in Oregon, and was a glassblower at internationally known Nourot Glass Studio for 9 years. Brian’s signature style incorporates the use of metal and glass. His sculptural work is much larger and have included: architectural commissions, custom signs, gates, railings, and functional sculpture for residential and commercial spaces. In 2014 Brian collaborated with Michael Nourot, Nicholas Nourot and David Lindsay, and metal artists David Nourot and Mike Kendall to create Wind Water Land which was commissioned by the Benicia Arts and Culture commission. The goal of Wind, Water, Land was to promote environmental awareness, eco-sustainable education, and inspire and resonate with viewers for years to come. The piece was unveiled in 2015 when it was installed at the Community Center.
Brian’s talent is seen throughout Benicia. Visitors to Lindsay Art Glass should take special notice of the sign mounts, which were created and installed by Brian, for the custom signs. Visitors to the Rellik Tavern have enjoyed Brian’s pendant lamps, lamp shades, the raven door handle, its illuminated sign and more. Brian’s work includes jellyfish chandeliers, lamps and sculptural work and often has a slightly dark and fantastical energy. Lately Brian has experimented with creating paintings with layers of metal. The result is breathtaking, the colors are deep and rich with the most subtle hint of metal.

Brian dreams of being able to create art fulltime, but admits that time will in the future. In the meantime, he and his wife, who is a Benicia native, are raising their children and working toward their future while Brian continues to create.