BHS Students Spring into Sports

Fun facts provided by Najwa Zughayar

Spring Sports bring a buzz of excitement as the weather begins to warm and the sun sticks around. Immediately after school, student athletes head to the locker rooms to get ready for practice, often not getting the chance to begin their homework until late in the evening.

However, love for the sport trumps all. Their playing eligibility hinges on their grades, encouraging them to continue working hard in the final stretch of the school year. Seniors get to show off one last time while other students hope for a chance to get scouted by their top university. 

Benicia High School takes pride in its athletes, both as players and people. Showing up for the athletics at Benicia High is akin to showing up for the future. With many sports on the docket this season, there are plenty of chances to support Benicia’s youth. 


Tryouts for Volleyball occurred in early February. Their season got off to a slow start, dependent on Basketball playoffs and thus the availability of the gymnasium. Coach Patascil, leader of the Junior Varsity (JV) and Varsity teams for the past several years, will continue to work hard with the players towards as many wins as possible. 

Fun Fact: Volleyball has been around since 1895, created by  William G. Morgan.


Tennis is one of the few sports offered in multiple seasons. Players can train and compete in both fall and spring. Coach Reyes has created a welcoming environment where students who have never played the sport before are able to try something new. 


Everyone may not know this, but BHS offers Golf to its students. Part of this sport’s mystery is due to the fact that the school doesn’t have the appropriate facilities. Instead, the players travel to Blue Rock in Vallejo for their weekly practices. Golf stands as BHS’s most underrated gem. 

Fun Fact: Golf was invented in Scotland! 

Track & Field

You may have noticed the teenagers running around town—one of them may be the next generation’s greatest Track & Field star. A diverse sport with many events from running to jumping to throwing various objects, the spectacle is exciting for any viewer. 


The city pool, James Lemos, is what BHS’s swim team calls their home turf. With practices every day of the week, Benicia’s swimmers are some of the hardest workers and actually will sweat it out under the water. 

Fun Fact: Did you know that most swimmers sweat underwater? 


Benicia High’s Softball games began in late February. Though Softball was only introduced in the 1940s, the sport’s popularity has had a steady ride. It has also provided its female players with new opportunities to play in college under scholarships. Coached by Kristin Grubbs, the BHS JV and Varsity games are not to be missed. 


The Varsity and Junior Varsity teams plan to take the field by storm as America’s favorite pastime returns this spring. Games will be Tuesdays and Thursdays, open to fans of the sport or the players themselves. Jaden Mason will pitch for the Varsity team one last season before heading off to play for the University of Nevada in Reno. 

Photo by Camryn Wittry