Despite the impressive ingenuity of Benicia businesses during this time, the impact to their livelihoods, along with millions of other small business owners and employees across the country, from COVID-19 is shocking.

According to the National Restaurant Association, restaurant industry sales and job growth have been hit hard. We can certainly see the effects here in Benicia. Our restaurants have created new menus including entire family dinners to entice us to order from them. And after investing in outdoor dining solutions for brisk weather, they have suddenly found themselves completely shut down again to everything except delivery and take-out.

We need to step up even more, because if we don’t use them, we will lose them. 

Small businesses are essential for the economy of our town. They bring growth and innovation to our community. They create entrepreneurship opportunities and provide employment and support for our communities and neighborhoods.

Our shops and restaurants know many of their customers by name; they are our neighbors and friends. They are what make our town special and unique.

If you can, please try to order in twice a week, consider purchasing gift certificates from our salons or your favorite esthetician, and order their products. And please don’t forget our artists. You can still browse the galleries in limited numbers, or go online. Benicia is known for its art and artists, let’s support them.

So …

  • Eat more! Then, post about what you’re eating. Now’s the time to go wild with those foodie photos.
  • Visit your gym online or outdoors and tell your friends to hop into your favorite virtual class with you next time.
  • Order your wine by the bottle or cocktails from our bars and restaurants. Then post about what you’re drinking. Yes, we want you to boomerang-cheers to your heart’s content. But be sure it’s socially distanced or at home with your SO!
  • Or buy someone a drink (check out Bruehol’s virtual buddy board!)
  • Buy something for yourself. 
  • Buy something for someone else.
  • Order flowers, just because.

I know everyone is really tired of this, but we have to dig a bit deeper. It will be worth it.

Benicia Restaurants