Kiva Designs, manufacturer of handbags, backpacks, briefcases, luggage and other high quality, durable travel gear, has moved to their new location at 6440 Goodyear Road. At the Northern end of the Industrial Park, the new Outlet showroom is bright and roomy, with attractive display racks of kid and adult products.

Kiva’s products are developed for well-known national travel catalogs and internet sites. Their outlet store has the absolute BEST bargains anywhere. Items that retail for $250 sell for $50. I scored an amazing small bag made of canvas with leather trim and brass hardware. This bag will last forever. It’s small enough to sling over the shoulder for touring or work, but large enough to hold a camera AND an iPad. With two zippered pockets, one of which unzips to reveal an entire wallet system, and multiple small pockets both zippered and clasped, it literally holds everything you need for traveling or for working on the fly.

The company’s almost cult-status is understandable: the prices they charge for stylish, high-end products are simply unbelievable. Check it out for yourself at the Kiva Outlet Store, And if that weren’t enough, Kiva is having a grand opening sale Friday and Saturday, April 8 & 9.

Scenes from Kiva’s Grand Opening Party