Dear Benicia Unified Resident,

This month’s “Benicia Magazine” featured a half page endorsement message
paid for by Benicia Teacher’s Association PAC , which listed a few reasons
why BTA endorsed both Andre Stewart and Gary Wing for the Benicia Unified
School Board. Within the ad many people were listed as endorsing both
candidates. The original ad was written to have separate endorsement lists
for each candidate, not necessarily one list for both. The Benicia Teachers’
Association was unaware that the lists were merged and did not catch the error
in the proofing of the advertisement. We regret any misunderstanding caused
by this clerical error that merged the separate lists into one. This was simply an
honest mistake on the part of BTA, and neither Mr. Stewart nor Mr. Wing were
aware the lists would appear in this manner. BTA deeply regrets any harm done
to the candidates, or to the individuals who were misrepresented as a result of
this error. We hope that the following list of individuals and organizations, who
have endorsed both candidates, will help clear up any confusion. Thanks for
your understanding.

Carleen Maselli
President, Benicia Teacher’s Association

Benicia Teachers’ Association (BTA)
Mike Ioakimedes, Benicia City Council
Carleen Maselli, President BTA
Steve Messina, BUSD Trustee
Rosie Switzer, BUSD Trustee
Napa/Solano Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Napa/Solano Building and Construction, Trades Council, AFL-CIO
Joseph Alden
Cindy Bettencourt
Amy Carpenter
Laura Dias
Lynne Difrancesco
Glenn Feigelman
Jill Getchell
Gary Getchell
Donna Gillihan
Kimball Goodman
Susan Hall
Andy Henry
Ken Jenson
Lori Johnson
Lisa Knox
Art LaRiviere
Karen LaRiviere
Annie Lloyd
John Lloyd
Mark Maselli
Andrea McCarty
Maureen McIntosh
Rob Peters
Eldon Peterson
Vicki Peterson-Zimmer
Kim Ramey
Renee Stewart
Art Stine
Beth Stine
Kathy Sullivan
Sue Sylvester Wing
Alex Tata
Judith Tata
Daraius Tata
Jim Trimble
Ryan Wheat
Brandy Wheeler
Holly Wing