The Benicia State Parks Association was successful in meeting its biggest challenge of 2012 by keeping the Benicia Capitol State Historic Park open and fully accessible to the public.  This achievement was made possible in large part by the hard work and overwhelming volunteer support in the community.

Carol Berman, BSPA President, outlined the major accomplishments by the organization in 2012 –

  1. Signing of the BSPA Donor Partnership Agreement with the California Department of Parks and Recreation in September.
  2. Increasing BSPA 'Friend' membership to over 350 people.
  3. Successfully applying for and receiving $57,000 in California State Parks Foundation grant funds which will be directed to park operations, volunteer training and appreciation, marketing and further fund raising.

Berman went on to say "there is much work that remains to be done in the coming year and we look forward to assisting the State of California, the City of Benicia and Solano County in keeping the Benicia State Recreation Area open and properly maintained so that the public will continue to have full access to this wonderful park."

The major challenge that lies ahead for the organization is the very large deferred maintenance list for both parks but the BSPA is fully optimistic that this will be met as well and that the future is bright!

For further information, contact the BSPA office at 707 742-4108.

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