Benicia Moms Group: A Hub of Support

By T. L. Bergier, M. M.

In the heart of our town, lies a vibrant hub of connection, support, and community—The Benicia Moms Group (BMG). For over 20 years, this organization has been dedicated to empowering moms and transforming lives through its wide array of programs and initiatives.

More than just a mom group, BMG embodies the very essence of community spirit, offering companionship, understanding, and solidarity of mothers navigating the beautiful chaos of motherhood.

Though the group is specifically designed for mothers with preschool children and babies, members often stay connected to the club long after their kids start school. The Benicia Moms Group is a fun, fulfilling way to share the experience of being a mom. They offer a variety of opportunities every month to connect, such as coffee dates, moms-only events, and family events.

With a modest annual membership fee, most events are either included or subsidized. The Executive Board meets monthly to curate an active calendar throughout the year, ensuring there’s always something happening. So, feel free to join in whenever it’s convenient for you!

BMG understands that financial constraints should never stand in the way of accessing the support and camaraderie offered by BMG, and offers membership grants or sponsorships for those in need. They encourage anyone facing financial challenges to reach out directly. Their goal is to ensure that every mama who wants to be part of the BMG community can participate fully, regardless of their financial situation.

Moms Supporting Moms

BMG fosters a sense of camaraderie and belonging among members. Mothers in the group find companionship and understanding with each other.  BMG members stand by each other, showing the power of compassion and unity. Through BMG, mothers realize that they are not alone in their motherhood journey.  Through the forum they can exchange advice, share stories and can use the platform to gift items, such as outgrown baby and toddler supplies, equipment, clothing, books, etc.

BMG also honors its members by publishing a monthly newsletter, which features nominations for “Mom of the Month” and provides a platform for members to promote their businesses. This initiative not only celebrates the achievements of our members but also fosters direct community support.

Local & Philanthropic Support

BMG extends its reach beyond its membership to support philanthropic activities that uplift and benefit the broader community, organizing fundraisers in support of the Family Resource Center, such as Holiday Adopt-A-Family and a Backpack Drive for those in need. Each Board member volunteers time to host events and is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of others.

BMG also supports and promotes local businesses through partnerships, events, and initiatives, enhancing economic growth and community development. By working with local business owners and patronizing local establishments, BMG adds to the vibrancy and sustainability of our community.

In the last year, BMG partnered with local boutiques for private shopping events and yoga classes, promoting businesses through exclusive discounts for their members. 

Mom Events

BMG organizes regular events and activities to keep moms engaged and connected, offering opportunities for socializing, recreation, and relaxation. These include mom’s night out gatherings and family-friendly outings. These events foster friendships and provide breaks for busy moms.

Benicia Moms Group serves as a shining example of the power of community and collaboration. By working together and supporting one another, we can create a brighter, more supportive future for all families in our community.

Playdate and Connection Opportunities

BMG also offers interactive playgroups that stimulate learning and creativity based on age.  Additional sub-groups include book clubs, and BMG Moms in Motion. 

Join Us Today

Do you want to be part of our supportive community? Join the Benicia Moms Group and start connecting with other moms today! Contact us at or visit our membership page at:

Upcoming Community Spotlight

Don’t miss BMG’s Big Truck Round Up fundraising event on June 15th! BMG, in collaboration with the Museum of History, Benicia is hosting a fun-filled day for the whole community. Come and join us and show your support! More details will be announced soon.

Get ready to have fun and make a difference!

“Being a BMG member and local business owner, I’m thrilled to offer exclusive yoga classes to their members. BMG’s support fuels my passion and business, creating a symbiotic relationship where we both thrive.”

– Laura Mary Linsley, Owner – The Elevate Company

“This group has been truly transformative for me and countless others as we navigate the early stages of motherhood. Mamas need their community, and that’s why we’ve embraced the mantra ‘It takes a village to raise a mother.’ The support we offer each other is priceless, and our mission is clear: to enhance the motherhood journey for our members and to contribute positively to our Benicia mama community.” 

– Julia Smith, BMG President