There are many elements that come into play in Museum exhibits, which we as visitors enjoy without really being aware. For example, we are motivated by the topic, we become engaged in the content, our curiosity is awakened, and we enjoy the stories that are told. Interactivity is another element; one that engages our senses, creativity and imagination.

Here’s a short virtual tour of the interactive exhibits at the Museum. We hope your interest will be piqued enough to come to the museum in person and experience these exhibits first hand.
First stop on our tour is the California flag narrative that traces the history of the many flags that have represented our state over the years. The interactivity piece is our Flag making board. Challenge yourself by making your own flag with the cutouts provided.
Next up is the Patwin exhibit, which includes an authentic design of a Patwin hut, the materials, mannequin, and the mural of this area during the late 1700’s. You can listen to the story of these Native Americans and enter the hut and play the instruments in tune with the recorded authentic music.
Shipbuilder Matthew Turner’s knot-making panel continues the tour. Try your skill at re-creating the knots that are needed aboard a sailing vessel, both in full sail and at anchor. Notice the thickness of the ropes—then try your own hand at achieving those intricate knots.
In our video section, view a Ruth Alexander videotape and John Molfino photographs describing life in and around Benicia in years past.
Conclude the tour with our fire exhibit of the burning of the State Capitol. This is a touch-screen activity that keeps visitors of all ages on their toes: sometimes you save the Capitol and sometimes you don’t. Turn to the 1940 film on the Fireman’s Muster Parade and burning of the Kullman Salz Tannery.

After enjoying the exhibit of toys and dolls, there is a play area for children. Bring the family, learn the local history and enjoy the interactivity of the exhibits.