Members of the City of Benicia's Sustainability Commission are gearing up for the CleanTech Exposition to be held later this month at the Benicia Historical Museum. The Expo is a two-day celebration of Benicia's existing clean tech businesses, such as Bio Rad, as well as an enticement for potential clean tech companies to locate in the Benicia Business Park.  The event features workshops, presentations and exhibitors. The expo will be held Friday and Saturday November 2-3; 2060 Camel Road, and is open to the public.

According to Constance Beutel, the Commission's chairperson, the expo is "a natural segue from the City's Earth Day event. One piece of the City's Climate Action Plan is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We have partnered with the City's Economic Development Manager, the Benicia Historical Museum and the Solano Center for Business Innovation to encourage a sustainable business model."  The Expo dovetails nicely with one of the Museum’s exhibits featuring Benicia's Industrial legacy.

A series of workshops by Dominican University’s Green Tech MBA faculty will be held during the event, focusing on clean tech opportunities and trends including Wattzon – Energy and Water efficiency audits and benefits to your business (Friday) and home (Saturday); Carbon Lighthouse – industrial energy efficiencies and major cost savings, and California e-Bikes (Saturday) how to ‘electrify’ your bicycle, among others.

As of October 1, workshop presenters include CODA Automotive, Allied Waste, FS3 – 3D rapid prototyping, California e-Bikes, Solano Center for Business Innovation, Net 0, Carbon Lighthouse, Wattzon, Ally Electrical, Diablo Solar and Fortune Marketing Company. Additional presenters are expected. Exhibitors will showcase their ideas and practices in reducing their carbon footprint. “It's an opportunity to step back and let clean tech exhibitors show what's possible. It's a marriage of society, environment and economy," says Beutel. 

Expo Agenda 

Friday, 1-5am

Focus on Benicia Clean Tech companies, opportunities to become more sustainable/clean tech; What the Benicia location offers Clean Tech companies, workshops from sponsors and exhibitors, and the Historical Museum’s exhibit: Benicia’s Industrial Legacy.

Saturday, 10am – 4pm

An opportunity for the public to learn about clean tech in Benicia. For more information, a detailed schedule of events, to become a sponsor or for a list of sponsors, visit