Tis the season to be thankful.

I’m pretty sure the dedicated readers of Benicia Magazine are well aware of my passion for boozy, silky, bubbly, pungent beverages. So the question is, why are we grateful for wine?

I can’t speak for every drinker, but I can explain my gratitude for this classic, sensual beverage. My admiration comes from my Sundays. As I slowly pour a glass of Brut Cava into my dainty champagne Coupe Glass. Admiring the soft bubbles rushing to the surface of this crisp beverage. Glistening like a canary diamond in the sun, she is art. I always enjoy a twist in my cava, a slice of lemon to give just a kiss of acidity to the nutty and fresh melon palate. Something so simple, but so luxurious to the taste brightens any Sunday afternoon for me.

It could be considered an affair, if I didn’t share.

Reminiscing as I sip away, thinking of places vino has taken me. Starting from the top of Spring Mountain’s Newton tree, across the world to New Zealand’s coast, back to Napa surrounded by Australian viticulturists and landing in Colorado studying Chianti, falling in love with the historic Tuscan hills. I am beyond grateful. Friendships from all walks of life, French, Kiwi, Aussie, Hispanic, South African, British and Italian. Nothing but pure love, craftsmanship and knowledge was shared over a glass. No ill will, unless there was a southern Frenchman in the kitchen with an American. Don’t peel the garlic for a roast!  

This beverage may not be much to you, but it is to generations of farmers, towns, winemakers, even the vines. Several acres survived wars so the passion for wine can continue to live on, even in your 3 buck chuck. So remember, when you cheers, you are also saying cheers to what’s in your glass. This liquid survived fires, earthquakes, hail, rain, sheep and sometimes frost to make your steak taste better. Be kind to your wine, learn where it comes from, and don’t drink it with a fast food burger. Chicken nuggets are the exception.

Be thankful for your wine.