When trolling through our archives to find an appropriately seasonal image, we found this spectacular photograph from the O’Grady estate. It was taken in 1913 from the then existent walkway at the end of West Third Street above “The Caves” area looking sideways across the Carquinez Strait towards First Street. The structures situated in the upper right-hand corner are the old Tannery buildings; the Crooks Mansion would have been behind and to the left.  Unfortunately, we do not know the names of the three children pictured here who may never have experienced snow before (other recorded snowfall accumulation occurring in 1915 and 1922), or the identity of the photographer who has asked them to pose with their expertly constructed snowballs! For those transplants who have moved here from colder climes, it is an easy task to summon up memories of the endless chill of winter and the dreariness that follows when the innocence of all that white becomes  sullied by car exhaust and churned to slush. How refreshing to be reminded of the serenity snow brings when it first blankets the dirt, muffles the noise, and brings a standstill to normal activity. This lovely reminder of winter fun from Benicia’s past was taken by a resident who has long since died—how lucky we are to occupy the same space of appreciation as we see this moment through the photographer’s eyes several generations later. Stay a minute before the children pelt the camera holder with their snowballs and then move out of view!