April Feelings Playlist

The early 2000s are coming back and emo is in again!

Or, if you’re a millennial like me, it’s just never left… Either way, this April we’re letting loose and celebrating our emotions! I know, I know, “emotions are lame,” but sorry to break it to you, it’s that kind of thinking that’s actually lame. It’s 2022! We’re in the day and age of embracing our sadness, happiness, angst and fears. So, instead of trying to hide how we’re feeling, let’s normalize taking control and using these emotions to create something we can enjoy. Whether you like drawing and writing, or building things and doing math, any of these can help create an outlet for things that may be building up inside your head. So, throw on this April playlist, take an emotional roller-coaster ride, and get in your feels!


  • ay! (feat. Lil Wayne) (E) – Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Wayne
  • I Guess I Just Feel Like – John Mayer
  • up to me – LANY
  • This is me trying – Taylor Swift
  • Into The Ocean – Blue October
  • Lost (E) – Frank Ocean
  • People Watching – Conan Gray
  • You Don’t Know How It Feels – Tom Petty
  • Falling – Harry Styles
  • emo girl (feat. WILLOW) (E) – Machine Gun Kelly, WILLOW
  • Healing (E) – FLETCHER
  • Serotonin (E) – girl in red
  • Easy On Me – Adele
  • Girls In Line for the Bathroom – Carlie Hanson
  • Give Yourself A Try (E) – The 1975