Our records indicate that this photograph was taken at the Benicia Arsenal Officers’ Club in 1953, on the occasion of an Easter luncheon, and includes (left to right) Val Yaeger, Joyce Closson, Ida Christiansen, Janet Rappe, Emerson Stoner, Leah Keaton, Paul Schroeder and Velma Medeiros. All the ingredients for a holiday get-together are here: plenty of food, several Easter bunnies atop the themed tablecloth, and—my favorite—the decorated eggs that the guests are holding. According to accession notes, the eggs are ceramic and are meant to be a likeness of each of the recipients! We have quite a bit of information on Emerson Stoner (1892-1983), who was a civilian employee at the BA, from 1917 until his retirement as Chief Fiscal Officer in 1957, and also a well-known self-taught natural scientist specializing in the study of ornithology. His bird egg collection is housed at the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology in Los Angeles, California. He also began the Benicia Christmas Bird Count in 1930, which is the longest-running citizen science survey in the world, according to some. The Officers’ Club itself was built in 1942, and saw “active duty” through the early 1960s. It was torn down in 2007 or 2008 to make way for a residential condominium development that was never built. If readers have any details on the other folks in the picture, we would appreciate it if you contact the museum. We are always trying to fill in the blanks on images like this, and it becomes more and more difficult as our residents move or pass away.