From Benicia to Belmont: Amelia Morgan Swings into Action on the Golf Course

“No decision will pay off more than prioritizing your life and giving extreme focus and energy to the things with highest return.”

Sometimes pursuing our dreams and passions requires taking risks and stepping outside of our comfort zones. Operating in fear and second guesses leaves us with entertaining what could have been instead of what could be. The more we deny ourselves what is possible for our lives, the more we reap seeds of regret and missed opportunity, and while we cannot get back the years lost, we can certainly start today by leaning into our hopes and dreams one step of action at a time. We can all learn from the brave steps of Amelia Morgan. The daughter and granddaughter of educators and an only child, who attended Benicia Unified from elementary to high school made a significant decision during her senior year to support her dreams of professional golf.

Amelia Morgan is swinging into action.

When Morgan’s grandfather, a distinguished and highly honored World War II veteran, introduced her to golf at age five, Morgan discovered a genuine love for the sport, which became a family activity. In addition, Morgan’s grandfather taught her the importance of perseverance and integrity in sports and life. Daughter of school teacher Harriet Morgan, Morgan set goals for herself to pursue golf and to land on a college-level team, and she did. Morgan’s hard work and determination landed her an invitation to Belmont College in North Carolina. Morgan was heavily recruited by one of Belmont College’s assistant coaches, who believed she would be an asset to their golf team. Morgan was courted by several other Division II schools but landed on the community of Belmont as it was similar in size and population to Benicia. 

Morgan is an example and an inspiration in that when we set goals, we must also allow ourselves the opportunity.

Morgan was on the golf team at Benicia High school for two seasons before the COVID-19 pandemic, but decided to complete her senior year at the Premier Golf Academy of San Diego. Premier Golf Academy of San Diego is a private, elite Golf and Academic Preparatory Academy. The academy is for high school juniors and seniors committed to pursuing the sport of golf with goals and aspirations of playing college or professional golf. Morgan attended the boarding academy during her senior year with students from all over the world.

In pursuit of honing her skills, Morgan was recognized by the Director of the Lake Chabot Junior Golf Academy, Clarence Traywick, who is responsible for taking Morgan to the next level of the sport. This recognition created another opportunity for Morgan. While gaining instruction from golf professionals on the Lake Chabot course, she volunteered on the weekends for the Lake Chabot Junior Golf Academy, genuinely immersing herself in the sport. Morgan also received a scholarship from the Veterans of Benicia.

The Lake Chabot Junior Golf Academy is open year-round for the students in Oakland and is meant to provide a free opportunity for students to learn the sport of golf who may not otherwise. Funding is made possible by donations and volunteers.

May other students and adults be encouraged and inspired to pursue activities, whatever they may be.

There are opportunities to volunteer if you have a skill you wish to share that may help others. Also, be courageous enough to place yourself in environments that support your goals. You may meet someone who will make a connection to your life’s dreams.