The healing spirit in our city is more powerful than we realize. Even the water that surrounds us is a symbol of pure fluid that flows, changes, reflects and carries away what it cleanses. Equally significant are the countless spiritual healers, or light workers, who are emerging among us.

One such illuminator is Debra Fallon, who says she was called to Benicia 18 years ago.  She believes that light workers have always been nearby, but are now revealing themselves more than ever. “Change is in the air, and it has never been more important that we are aware of who we are and where we came from.”

As a clairvoyant, Debra utilizes the wisdom of spirit guides to help in her healing practice. “We think of ourselves as being alone, but we are not. We are all connected to something much greater,” she shares. “The veil between the dimensions is becoming thinner because our ancestors want to help us heal. They want us to be whole—to live a life of joy.”

Debra specializes in Soul Restoration as one way to become whole again. “The soul is part of us that is considered separate in the Western world, but in truth it is our essence,” says Debra. “It is the part of us that lives on.” In other words, when our souls are restored, our true essence is in charge of our lives, not the energy that we carry with us from past traumas.

Clearing stagnant energy in our bodies is a core part of restoring the soul. “If we are not in the now, but living in the pain of our past without awareness, it will continue to circle around us,” she says.  We can also get stuck “running” the energy of other people. All healing begins with intent, and when two or more people are gathered with pure intent it increases the ability to change or heal the spirit.  This is also called exponential healing. “Don’t forget to ask your guides for help,” says Debra.  “You won’t get what you want if you have a shopping list but never actually go shopping.”

Dr. Teresa Van Woy, Board Certified Podiatrist, takes a holistic approach to medicine. She is incorporates Reconnective Healing, a return to balance, into her medical practice in addition to working with non-podiatry patients in Benicia. Reconnective Healing interacts with the body’s energy field by linking to universal energy frequencies that can bring about physical healing to renew the human body. “Every health challenge is a combination of the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. We simply classify it according to its predominate characteristic,” Dr. Van Woy says. “Reconnective Healing doesn’t specifically ‘treat’ anything. If in its presence you allow yourself to come back into balance, healing can occur.”

Catherine Michaels, like Debra, was called to be a healer from an early age.  After many years of studying with masters, she now practices Christa Healing or energy channeling.  Without physical touch she scans the vital force or aura to locate energy blocks in the spiritual, emotional and mental bodies.  The physical body, says Catherine, holds suppressed emotions in our organs. For example, the lungs hold feelings of grief or loss, and the liver holds anger.  As a clairsentient she is able to feel the pain of her clients through her own body, and uses this gift also when working with Cancer patients.

Dreams are also an important resource for us, says Catherine, who can bring past life awareness to her own dreams in order to understand the pain of those she is healing.  Interpreting our dreams, she says, is a key part of becoming aware.  “Our dreams give us insight into where we are right now in our consciousness,” she says. “They are multi-dimensional and reveal many symbols and feelings.”

Catherine offers that Meditation is a critical part of spiritual development, and simply listening to our breath going in and out of our nostrils is a powerful tool for healing.  Just 10 minutes a day releases stress, having a significant impact on the body. “Things happen for us, they don’t happen to us,” says Catherine.  “The universe will support what we want.  It is our birthright to manifest a life of joy.  Bodies are designed to be in a state of health, and we need to let go of everything that doesn’t serve us.”

She reminds us: “We are all so powerful.”


Debra Fallon, Spiritual Healer/Soul Restoration

Catherine M Michaels, Energy Healing

Teresa Van Woy, Reconnective Healing
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