Beginning tomorrow, May 1st, City of Benicia will begin a two-year maintenance agreement for the Benicia State Capitol Historic Park grounds and restroom. The City received confirmation on Friday, April 20th, that the State of California had signed the maintenance agreement, ushering in a new era for our downtown Historic Park. Beginning tomorrow and continuing until June 30, 2014, City staff will be responsible for maintaining the Capitol grounds and restroom. This Agreement ensures that for the next two years the exterior grounds of the Capitol building will be well maintained and our residents and visitors will have an accessible restroom facility open seven days a week, located in the center of First Street.

City Manager Brad Kilger noted, “I want to applaud the efforts of our community. The resolve from the Benicia State Parks Association has been unwavering and City staff did a fantastic job partnering with State staff to craft such a historic agreement.”

Moving forward the City and Benicia State Parks Association continue their discussion of operating agreements for the State Recreation Area and State Capitol Building, respectively. All parties are hopeful that there will be some resolution prior to July 1, 2012.