As you probably have heard it’s a “dog’s life” in Benicia! In 2010 the city was voted the 4th most dog friendly town in the United States by Dog Fancy Magazine.  The place has literally “gone to the dogs” with tree lined blocks, light poles and a multitude of fire hydrants for the most discriminating pup to leave their mark. There are dog friendly shops with water bowls at their entrances. Many restaurants offer alfresco dining for dogs and their human partners. 3 years ago, I was brought from Central California to Benicia to be the playmate of Q the poodle. Q is a year older and tolerates me as if I were his younger brother. Some days it’s a “dog eat dog world” between us. I have already lived in 3 houses in Benicia and 3 houses in Pismo. I know what to do when its moving day…. play dead!

Recently, I was asked to appear on the cover of Benicia Magazine with Q acting as if we were about to launch a kayak off a secluded beach near West H Street.  There were issues with a morning photo shoot since the tide was out and the wind was let’s say gusty. The afternoon proved to be a better choice with calmer water and blue skies.  After about a half hour of “working like a dog”, I decided my acting days were over. There weren’t enough treats to get me back in that kayak. Where’s my agent?

Puppy Questionnaire for Paris the Poodle

What is your idea of perfect happiness? Walking to the bottom of First Street, putting my head out the window while riding in the car around town, visiting some of the 20 city parks in Benicia(on a leash) including the dog park, finding little hideaway beaches along the waterfront, and receiving dog cookies from Pups ‘N” Purrz as a reward for good behavior.

What is your least favorite thing to do? Take a bath or get groomed. I do like the grooming staff at Featherer Pet especially Suzanne who treats me, well, like the “top dog”.

Which historical figure do you most identify with? Lassie

Which living dog do you most admire? Q the other poodle

What is the trait you most deplore about yourself? Barking at big dogs, eating homework and nipping at human toes.

What talent are you most proud of? I have a great personality and I’m always willing to lick a perfect stranger. I am also good at standing on my hind legs for at least a minute and sitting when told, which is another way to score a treat. I’m trying to take advantage of my youth since “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.

What is your favorite journey? Coming back to Benicia. It is a Great Day by the Bay for a Dog!