Previously in Picket Fences…

Payton and Xavier narrowly escaped an unknown assailant after breaking into Connie’s house and discovering her secret plans. Hank had renewed his devotion to his wife, Madalyn, letting Saraya down harshly. Angela learned that Connie double-crossed her and was in cahoots with Martin Cray.

As the fundraiser draws to its close some of its party-goers are tying up loose ends.

Xavier and Payton arrived back at the event with Payton still in pain, “Let me look at that.”   Xavier says, looking at Payton’s neck where their assailant had struck. “Yeah, he got you pretty good, you wanna go to the hospital?” he asks. “No, I’ll be fine. Besides, what would I tell my parents… I got hurt breaking into a house and, by the way, found pictures of mom in the middle of some sinister plan?” Payton replies, sarcastically. “Well, when you say it like that,” Xavier says. “And beside that, I don’t think you have the time. You have your own problems to solve …Saraya foster,” Payton says, getting out of the truck and leaving Xavier to sit in silence.

But the two young men weren’t the only ones looking for answers.

Knowing the event is coming to its end, Olivia is looking for Xavier to take pictures. She runs into Saraya coming from the back hall. “Have you seen Xavier? We need him for final remarks and pictures,” Olivia asks with annoyance. “I haven’t seen him …sorry,” Saraya replies with her head down, trying to hide her face.

“What were you doing back there?” Olivia asks. “I was trying to find the bathroom,” Saraya lies. Olivia dismisses her and starts to walk past her. Suddenly, she stops. “Saraya,” she calls. Saraya turns to face Olivia. “Yes?”

Looking at Saraya in a moment of kindness, Olivia says, “First, wipe your tears and keep your head up, I am sure whoever he is… He’s not worth your tears, don’t give him that.” Looking at Olivia, Saraya starts to pat her face dry with her hands. “You may go now,” Olivia announces. As she watches Saraya walk away, she can’t help but reflect on her climb to the top.

Meanwhile, Angela is finding out some hard truths of her own.

“I don’t believe this, just when I think you can’t get any worse, you do,”  Angela says after learning the truth about Martin’s and Connie’s plan. Connie looks at Angela. “You, of all people, should know I’ll always protect myself on the backend.” Turning back to Martin, Connie addresses him. “Now, let’s get back to it, shall we?” Martin, getting the OK from Connie, continues the conversation with his father. “You need me now… so I’m going to throw you a bone, Dad,” Martin says, opening his arms to him. “We all love money here, right? And maybe we can grow to love each other.” “You forgive me?” Mr. Cray asks. Angela and Connie look at each other, puzzled by what’s happening. The two men embrace and hug each other. Suddenly, the two women hear a gasping sound, and Angela locks eyes with Martin, realizing what’s happening. “Martin! No!” Connie, realizing what Martin has done, follows Angela’s lead. The two begin trying to pull the father and son apart, but they are locked together. Martin elbows Connie, making her fall to the floor. Angela feels Mr. Cray’s body go limp; Connie starts to see blood dripping from Mr. Cray. His body drops to the floor, taking Angela down with it. The two women look at martin. “Oh, God,” Angela whispers to herself while getting to her feet.  “Damn you, this was not in our deal!” Connie proclaims. “My mother should have stuck a knife into him a long time ago,” Martin replies, standing over the body.

Just then, there is a knock at the door. “Who is it?” Angela answers with instant regret. “It’s me, Madalyn. Why is the door locked?” “I’ll be right there,” Angela says, gesturing to the other two not to move.

Angela slides out the door to meet Madalyn. “Hey… what’s up?” she asks as casually as she can, slowly closing the door behind her. Unconvinced, Madalyn notices the odd behavior. “Are you okay? What’s going on in there?” Madalyn asks. “It’s Connie,” Angela searches for an explanation, “she’s going through something … someone close to her has died,” she says, feeling the irony of the situation. “Well that’s sad, do you think she’ll be okay for the thank-you speeches and pictures? That’s actually why I came to find you, it’s time to bring this event to a close,” Madalyn says excitedly.  “Got it …we’ll be right there,” she replies. Angela leans on the door before reentering the room.

“What the hell are we going to do?” Connie asks. Martin looks at her with a smirk. “What do you mean ‘we?’ You mean, what are you two going to do? I’ve already paid you, Connie.” And with that, Martin exits the room.