Mason Mixologist: Mix and Match Camping Cocktails

It’s that time of year again. Pack up your tent, bear spray, dogs and kids. We’re going camping!

If you’re like me, when a white claw doesn’t cut it when digging your hole by the tree, I got you covered. Purchase some 8oz – 16oz Mason jars and make sure they have the screw cap included. Let’s get to infusing.

Of course, I know everyone enjoys their own brewed cup of tea. So, I’ve created a chart for each jar. You may choose your combo based on your favorite spirit and flavor.

1st Jar

This jar needs to be at least 16oz. This will be your spirits jar. The good stuff. In this jar, you’ll create your own infusion for the base of your cocktails. Pick your poison, create, seal and tuck this away in your cooler overnight to infuse.




Bourbon Whiskey

White peaches, sliced

One cinnamon stick + cloves and one lemon peel

Tequila Blanco

Sliced strawberries & jalapeños

Fresh mint and lime zest

Gin or Vodka

Grapefruit juice, slices and 1 Freshly Squeezed lemon

Lemon zest, fresh basil and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt

Tequila Blanco

Fresh slices of watermelon and 2 fresh limes, squeezed

Chili flakes or fresh chili peppers

Gin or Vodka

4 cloves of garlic (optional), 1 jalapeno, sliced with two pieces of cooked bacon

Chili and lime salt seasoning

Rum (clear)

Fresh blueberries, 2 squeezed lemons

Mint, lemon peel


2nd Jar

You will see there is some color coding happening. Colors that match are suggested pairings. I prefer a 16oz jar for this next part, as well. It will be for the mixer. 8oz jars could be used for additional lemon and lime juice. Feel free to go outside the color code and pick your own mix to create your own blend. Measurements are for each serving.


Something extra



½ oz simple syrup

Your choice of unsweetened ice tea

Lemon slices

1/2oz sweet & sour mix

Simply lemonade

½ sliced jalapeno

½ oz St. Germain

No more juice, just prosecco

Garnish with a slice of grapefruit

½ oz simple syrup

2oz of Lime Juice


½ can Campbell’s tomato soup

Your choice of tomato juice, one freshly squeezed lemon

Worcestershire & tabasco sauce to your desired heat. Garnishes of choice for a bloody Mary.

1oz Stoli Blueberry vodka

Simply lemonade

Garnish with mint


Enjoy, my little mixologist!