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Tenure finale for Artistic Director Andrew Brown

Vallejo Choral Society’s Andrew Brown takes a final bow after conducting Handel’s Messiah in December, handing the baton to incoming Artistic Director Derek Tam.

Retired Hasbro Executive Promotes Public Art In Benicia

Terry Scott’s love of public art is noteworthy in his role as Benicia Arts and Culture Commission, as he works to ensure that Benicia public art flourishes and becomes more visible.

Q and A with Benicia’s Jack Bethards, Custom Pipe Organ Builder

Jack Bethards, owner of Shoenstien & Co., shares his expertise building extraordinary, meticulously crafted pipe organs—a childhood dream come true.

Benician Handles Sonoma Raceway Public Relations

Benicia Diana Brennan, a VP at the internationally known racetrack, oversees the huge job of communications and marketing.

Library administrator and Community Volunteer Helaine Bowles

Helaine Bowles has used her love of reading to move through difficult times as well as direct her passion for community involvement.

Fairfax, CA is a Gem of a Town

Not far from Benicia is the delightful town of Fairfax, a fun day excursion that will give you ample opportunity to enjoy bike riding, good food and the seasonal farmer’s market.

Teaching Vocational Skills at Benicia High School

Annette Fewins, teacher and department chair of BHS’s Career and Technical Education program, helps prepare non college-bound students to enter the workforce.

Q and A with Benicia Police Sergeant Kirk Keffer

Benicia Police Sgt. Kirk Keffer’s encounter with a young black man walking late at night in the Industrial Park led to a good outcome; and feel-good story picked up by major news outlets.

Dan Hagerty Says Its Hard Work Writing Crime Novels

Dan Hagerty used his background as a Police Reporter and Alameda County Jail teacher to become a successful Mystery and Crime novelist. It takes discipline and long hours to bring a book to fruition, but he loves it.

BHS Teacher Channels Rosie the Riveter

Steve Shields, a Benicia High teacher with a passion for shop classes, is making sure skilled trades are being taught to eager students including auto mechanics, metal works, welding, building, and construction skills.