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Five Fantastic Fermented Foods & Drinks to Try

Consuming fermented foods and drinks to optimize health have seen a huge resurgence in the US, with the rise of cottage food industries, integrative nutrition and DIY food preparation.

Practicing Yoga to Balance Mind, Body and Spirit Can Be Reinvigorating

The practice of yoga encompasses diverse styles and philosophies that help body, mind and spirit achieve balance and wellness. Benicia has several great options for yoga classes.

Gary Passama, NorthBay's President and CEO, to Pass the Torch in 2017

Summary: More exciting changes are happening at NorthBay Healthcare. Following recent announcements of modernization of facilities, cutting edge technology, a Welcome pavilion and key services, NorthBay has promoted from within for their new President and CEO.

Swimming For Exercise And Recreation

Swimming has a long history of health and recreational benefits including water safety, impact on joints and bones and more. There are several public pools near Benicia.

Benicians Are On The go! From China To Italy; Juneau To Death Valley

The well-known benefits of travel have inspired locals to get out there and experience the world. From China to Italy and many points in the U.S, Benicians are on the go.

Interview: The Wheels Keep Turning For Downtown Merchant Greg Andrada

Benicia’s Wheels in Motion bike and sports shop is still going strong after 25 years, helping locals and area riders fix their bikes, give advice and doing custom fittings for customers to ensure they their bikes are properly set up, along with hosting an unofficial bike club.

Bike, Hike, Swim: A Three Part Series On Summer Offerings

Bikes have overcome their cumbersome, impractical roots in the 1800s to provide any would-be cyclist with myriad choices from basic to custom, electric to recumbent. Benicia offers riders bridge-to-bridge loops as well as challenging hills and the beautiful flats downtown.

NorthBay Healthcare Joins Mayo Clinic Care Network

NorthBay Healthcare: The first health care organization in Northern California to join the Mayo Clinic Care Network

Bio: Dean Fulton, Benicia Resident & Avid Runner, Goes Shoeless

Dean Fulton, an engineer and resident of Benicia, CA, likes to run in foot races, most recently a marathon, but without shoes. After a foot problem resolved, began running barefoot, fast enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Bees Are Buzzing In Benicia Backyards

Shortly after the ban was lifted and beekeeping became legal in Benicia, many residents have become beekeepers. The reasons are myriad: for honey production, wax for candle making or just helping the planet in the wake of massive bee colony collapse.