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Interview: Jessica Joy, Owner Of The Edible Yard

An interview with Benicia’s Jessica Joy, who creates edible landscapes: planning creating large and small canopies, then adding in the layers of planting for maximizing a healthy ecosystem. Organic methods are used along with creating drainage swails, using sunlight and ensuring the soil is healthy.

Bio: Lisa Koenen, Benicia Education Foundation’s President

Lisa Koenen, president of the Benicia Education Foundation, discusses her work as owner at Full Circle Travel, the 9th annual BEF 5 and 10K Run for Education and her passion for animal rescue and traveling the globe.

Bees Are Buzzing In Benicia Backyards

Shortly after the ban was lifted and beekeeping became legal in Benicia, many residents have become beekeepers. The reasons are myriad: for honey production, wax for candle making or just helping the planet in the wake of massive bee colony collapse.

New Center Opens For Teens

A new teen center opened in late January to serve Benicia’s youth. Founded by Barbara Gervase, who lost her son to suicide when he was a high school student, the center offers teens a hangout space to socialize or access resources if they are troubled or feel alone. It features a lounge area with large, comfortable sofas, a large screen for movies, a cafe eating area, games, ping pong and more.

Interview: Benicia Makerspace Founder Nicci Nunes

Bio: Sensei Rex Reade

Stay at home dad, graphic artist, award-winning musician and Tae Kwon Do & Karate Black Belt, teaches kids to learn not only martial arts, but courtesy and self-control.

Love blooms In Benicia With Annual Poetry Contest

Benicia’s tragically romantic early 19th century love story of Nikolai Resanov and Concepción Argüello, has inspired a Russian rock opera, an American chamber musical, a ballad, book and countless poems in addition to the 13th annual Benicia Love Poetry Contest event.

Interview: Benicia Unified Superintendent Dr. Charles Young

Bio: Musician & Teacher Rem Djemilev

A brief interview with Rem Djemilev reveals his passion for teaching kids music, while teaching orchestral music at several Bay Area venues. With a Master’s degree in musical performance, he has played at the Lincoln and Kennedy Centers as well as other noted venues.

Charles Young Outlines Priorities For The Coming School Year