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Interview: Jamie Calderwood, Habitat For Humanity Site Supervisor

After retiring from a 35-year job teaching shop at Benicia Middle School, Jamie Calderwood now spends his days working part time as a site supervisor for Solano-Napa Habitat for Humanity, constructing homes.

Proposed Residential Housing For Northern Gateway Project

Interview: Jessica Joy, Owner Of The Edible Yard

An interview with Benicia’s Jessica Joy, who creates edible landscapes: planning creating large and small canopies, then adding in the layers of planting for maximizing a healthy ecosystem. Organic methods are used along with creating drainage swails, using sunlight and ensuring the soil is healthy.

Bees Are Buzzing In Benicia Backyards

Shortly after the ban was lifted and beekeeping became legal in Benicia, many residents have become beekeepers. The reasons are myriad: for honey production, wax for candle making or just helping the planet in the wake of massive bee colony collapse.

Comic Book Superheroes Never Grow Old

As yesterday’s superheroes enjoy a resurgence in popular culture, they have found a home in Benicia at Zeppelin Comics, a new store in the downtown area. The store offers public events, in conjunction with the Benicia Library, and is bringing kids and adults together to meet likeminded superhero fans.

Creating Sustainable Ecosystems In Benicia With Backyard Food Forests

The Benicia Community Gardens, run by volunteers, expands their reach beyond the two community garden borders into helping families create their own food forests in their backyards. The aim is to teach residents how to create sustainable ecosystems while growing their own food.

Interview: Benicia Makerspace Founder Nicci Nunes

Bio: Sensei Rex Reade

Stay at home dad, graphic artist, award-winning musician and Tae Kwon Do & Karate Black Belt, teaches kids to learn not only martial arts, but courtesy and self-control.

Growing An Orchard In Your Own Backyard

Growing your own backyard orchard is easier and more enjoyable than ever in Benicia. Options are plentiful with an ideal growing climate and a wide selection of heirloom and novel varieties available, including interspecific fruits such as apriums and nectaplums.

Benicia’s Social Media Presence & Online Resources

Benicia California has many online resources for users, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest,, Google + and Nextdoor. These resources have thousands of #hashtag yields.