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Benicia Old Town Theatre Group’s Fundraiser, Bras for a Cause

During production of BOTTG’s spring play SWEAT, the group is teaming up with the Tim and Jeannie Hamann Foundation for a cancer fundraiser

Fitness is a way of life for Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is a long-term necessity and way of life for Lisa McVeigh’s clients, who range in age from 32 to 73.

Avoiding Abuses of Factory Chicken Farms

Backyard chicken farming is on the rise for food, health, self-sufficiency, family enjoyment and even therapeutic benefits.

Aging in Place for Benicia Senior Citizens

The volunteer-based Carquinez Village is a membership organization aimed at keeping Benicia seniors in their own homes.

Specialty Foods at Family-owned Markets

Check out these family-owned markets specializing in organic produce, artisan cheeses, quality meats and fresh, wild seafood.

Plants Can Help as California Air Quality Declines

The California Camp Fire and others encouraged many to add houseplants for indoor air filtration.

Benicia’s Marilyn Bardet Lives Her Passion For Composting

Composting at home doesn’t have to be complicated, and with simple techniques and tools, can turn even the newbie into a pro.

High-heeled Shoes Don’t Go with Large Bunions

After recovering from foot surgery for a large bunion, stylish footwear is still a possibility for Benicia’s Christina Strawbridge.

Heartwarming Collaboration Helps Two Benicia Nonprofits

Viola Robertson, Executive Director of Benicia Community Action Council will see the agency achieve its dream—through funding from myriad sources—of owning their building with a mortgage burning ceremony.

Drink Your Veggies (and Cold Brew Coffee) at Juice House Co.

Tiana and Kelsea Duvauchelle’s healthy cold pressed juice bar opened with the goal of accessing nutrient-filled foods, made into custom, delicious concoctions.