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Retired Benicia Optics Engineer’s Artistic and Detailed Pencil Drawings

Career engineer Mark Bremer returned to the art of drawing post-retirement in 2014, and is a member artist at downtown Benicia’s HQ Gallery.

A Plethora of Interesting Jobs for Author Steven Boyett

Self-proclaimed “world's greatest left-handed didgeridoo-playing science fiction & fantasy writer and DJ,” Boyett talks about his life’s interesting trajectory.

Houston Robertson’s One-woman Show Victory for the Recycled Virgin

When Houston Robertson’s life path took an unexpected turn, she reinvented herself as a solo performer.

“It’s All about Storytelling”

David Dodd, Benicia Public Library’s new director of library and cultural services, discusses his transition into the role, being a librarian, family man, gardener and musician, and his dog named Benicia.

Interview: Social Worker & Mom Of Seven, Asha Allen Finds Time For Marathon Swimming

A Passion for Protecting Neglected and Abandoned Animals

A long-time advocate for animals, Benicia’s Peggie Hartig has rescued wolves in addition to dogs, and volunteered at local animal shelters, rescue foundations and humane societies.

Benicia Fire Chief Jim Lydon on Emergency Response and Fire Prevention

Always preparing for the next step, a fire explorer program at age 14 encouraged Jim Lydon’s career as a fireman, advancing to his current job as Benicia’s fire chief.

Roger’s experimental treatments included humor and a positive attitude

Benicia’s Roger Lipman puts his life on hold to follow aggressive treatment for Leukemia

A grim diagnosis of myelodysplastic syndrome and subsequent Leukemia leads Benicia’s Roger Lipman into aggressive treatment plan that, after much medical intervention, leads to remission.

Retired from the travel industry, Mike has become one of Benicia’s most prolific volunteers.

Benicia’s Mike Caplin wears many volunteer hats with local organizations, so much so that he earned the city’s Volunteer of the Year award.