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Q and A with Benicia’s Jack Bethards, Custom Pipe Organ Builder

Jack Bethards, owner of Shoenstien & Co., shares his expertise building extraordinary, meticulously crafted pipe organs—a childhood dream come true.

Q and A with Benicia Police Sergeant Kirk Keffer

Benicia Police Sgt. Kirk Keffer’s encounter with a young black man walking late at night in the Industrial Park led to a good outcome; and feel-good story picked up by major news outlets.

Dan Hagerty Says Its Hard Work Writing Crime Novels

Dan Hagerty used his background as a Police Reporter and Alameda County Jail teacher to become a successful Mystery and Crime novelist. It takes discipline and long hours to bring a book to fruition, but he loves it.

Chris Meade Approaches Art Like a Puzzle

Benicia Visual Artist Chris Meade turns bits and pieces of paper and silk into wonderful collages, using her creativity to refocus and take her mind off of her cancer treatments.

Annual Animated Short Film Show of Shows

Vallejo’s Empress Theatre event offers 16 contemporary animation films February 8, 2018, that express issues in the U.S. and around the world.

The Art of Reinvention

After a hip injury ended her long-time dancing career, Laurie Key has navigated major life changes, leading to reinvention and new passions along the way.

Benicia Amateur Radio Club is Prepared for Emergencies

Working with the fire dept. and Benicia Emergency Response Teams, in a true emergency, Art Mayoff would coordinate communications with 60 amateur radio club members.

Benicia City Manager’s Top Priorities

Since coming to Benicia in April, Lorie Tinfow’s focus is on city finances, employee retention and making a difference in people’s lives.

Retired Benicia Optics Engineer’s Artistic and Detailed Pencil Drawings

Career engineer Mark Bremer returned to the art of drawing post-retirement in 2014, and is a member artist at downtown Benicia’s HQ Gallery.

A Plethora of Interesting Jobs for Author Steven Boyett

Self-proclaimed “world's greatest left-handed didgeridoo-playing science fiction & fantasy writer and DJ,” Boyett talks about his life’s interesting trajectory.