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Long-awaited New Paint Job Graces Benicia’s Fischer-Hanlon House

Part of the Benicia Capitol State Historic Park, the Fischer-Hanlon house’s exterior was recently restored to its former glory.

Benicia’s Post Arsenal Cemetery to Honor Veterans in May

Each year, the Benicia Historical Society honors veterans with a popular and poignant ceremony at the Benicia Post Arsenal Cemetery, including music, poems, prayers, color guard and more

From Army Base Closure to Thriving Industrial Park

The sale of the Benicia Arsenal to the City sparked the transition to the current Benicia Industrial Park.

From Texas to Benicia, a camel caravan arrived for military operations

Historic Painting from Benicia’s Hills Depicts Tranquil Setting Framed by the Carquinez Strait

Benicia, a town of many California “Firsts” includes Peabody Hospital, (the first hospital in the state), depicted in an historic painting by F.A. Buttman along with glorious views of the Carquinez Strait.

Buildings on the National Register of Historic Places Helps Preserve Benicia’s Past

Benicia’s proud history stretching back to the Civil War is at the forefront in preserving its iconic buildings through listings on the National Registry of Historic Places. With such a designation, and restoration grants become a higher possibility.

A holiday photograph of Benicia’s College of St. Augustine evokes fond memories

No longer standing, a holiday sentiment on a Christmas card from the College of St. Augustine, bears a poignant reminder still appropriate today.

During WWII, Benicia Arsenal soldiers were asked to kill predatory hawks to protect local livestock.

A US army commander, in 1943, grew tired of complaints about hawks killing livestock in the Benicia Arsenal, and so ordered that hawks be shot with short-range rifles. An historic photo depicts soldiers displaying the dead birds on an army vehicle. All raptors are now protected with stiff penalties and other actions for violations.

A Bevy Of 1924 Beauties Celebrate A Benicia Halloween

A slew of parties, including a costumed one, were held Halloween Weekend for Benicia High School belles, which, from a historic photo courtesy of Benicia Historical Museum along with other information, included games and dancing.

Backwards Glance Historic Photo Shows Benicia Baseball Alive And Well In 1906

The Benicia Historical Museum has, in its archives, a series of historic baseball photos that took place on Fitzgerald Field in 1906. The “Benicia Glendons” were playing “The Allen Dry Goods Company” from San Francisco.