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The Pompom Fashion Trend is Back with a Vengeance

Fashion-savvy inspiration is found in New York City as Christina Strawbridge seeks out the latest trends, from an Andy Warhol exhibit to The Cher Show on Broadway.

Cozy Not Stuffy Atmosphere Enhances The Traditional Tea Room Experience

Maryellen Hayes and her staff at The Camellia Tea Room in Benicia provide a warm, friendly atmosphere where you can linger over the sumptuous offerings created in the kitchen by Chef Brandie Wendt.

Ghost Walks Enhance Benicia Halloween Season

Benicia’s paranormal history makes for spooky Ghost Walks that enhance the Halloween Season. Dine at the Union Hotel Restaurant and you might wind up with a corporeal companion at your table.

Benicia Tattoo Art Reflects Culture and Personality

The ancient art of tattooing has endured through history. Using one’s body as a statement-making canvas is still as popular as it has ever been.

The History of Benicia’s Ferry Crossings & Shipbuilding Industry

From the Pony Express to WWII, the city of Benicia has a long history of waterfront commerce, keeping Benicia’s economy connected to the tides.

Elizabeth Arden & Helena Rubenstein Rise to Power

After seeing the Broadway musical “War Paint,” where two strong women created global empires in the 20th century, Christina Strawbridge recalls her mom’s and sister’s foray into the beauty industry.

National Historic Listing in the Works for Benicia Depot

With just one final step in the process, the historic Southern Pacific Railroad Depot at the foot of First Street should become listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

History, Aesthetics & Usage of Benicia Water Portrayed in Art Exhibit

Benicia’s waterfront location as a port city in the 1800s, the aesthetics of the Carquinez Strait, water usage, the affects of drought, flooding and more are captured through the lens of local artists in Drop by Drop, an upcoming Exhibit.

Wonderful Examples of Benicia’s Victorian-era Homes

Stately and historic, Benicia’s many Victorian houses can be found in abundance in the downtown core.

Benicia’s History Worth Celebrating and Preserving

Charleston, NC Serves as an example of how historic preservation plays an important role in tourism—and is a role model for Benicia’s historic significance.